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    Have you seen Porsha Williams' mugshot?! The Real Housewife looks crazy hot, and I think it tells us everything we need to know about her battle with Kenya Moore. Porsha has been bullied and goaded by Kenya. She can afford to take the time to look glam in her mugshot and turn herself into the cops gracefully because she knows she's done no wrong. Yay, Team Porsha! 

    Boo, Team Twirl! Boo, I say! I am officially over Kenya, her fake boyfriend, and her fake plans to conceive. I can say all this and I haven't even SEEN the highly publicized beat-down that led to Porsha Williams' arrest yet! You guys might be excited for Easter, but I'm looking forward to Sunday for another reason: The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion begins! Ahhhh!

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    There have been rumors going around for quite some time now about whether or not Teen Mom 2 will have a sixth season, something fans are obviously hoping for.

    A couple of weeks ago, an insider said that MTV was definitely going for another round with Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert. Ratings are so darn high, they'd be crazy to cancel the show at the height of its popularity. And now we finally have the truth on whether or not season 6 is actually going to happen, thanks to one of the members of the cast. 

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    Anna "Chickadee" Shannon and her boyfriend, Michael Caldwell, announced their engagement during the season 3 finale of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and it was beyond adorable. Sure, she's pretty young -- 19 -- as is her 21-year-old mechanic fiance, but the two seem like a really good match. The Boo Boo clan is genuinely excited about the union, so all the best to them.

    Instead of planning and waiting a year or two to actually tie the knot, these two crazy kids will be exchanging vows waaaay sooner than that -- they're getting hitched next month! We have all the details about their upcoming wedding and all I can say is: it's beyond perfect for the couple.

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    Remember that infamous sex list that surfaced last month that was supposedly a list of every man in Hollywood that Lindsay Lohan had slept with? At first we were all, nah ... couldn't be true. Then when she refused to outright deny it, we thought ... maybe?

    LiLo herself confirmed she wrote it in a confession on Thursday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The recovering addict told the host, "You know, I'm going to get serious for a second," before launching into the reason she wrote it in the first place, and why its publication was such a violation.

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    Without official teams, partners, or rivals, everyone on The Challenge: Free Agents is solo this season. Well, only if we're talking about the actual game. Because romantically, it seems like everyone has paired off at the start of episode two.

    Dustin had promised his ex, Heather (with whom he appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy), that he wouldn't hook up with anyone on this season. Then in walks Jessica, and he can't possibly remember his vow.

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    Tori Spelling has given her first post-cheating scandal interview and it's as heartbreaking as you would expect. Oddly, Tori is using the cheating scandal as the basis for a new show, True Tori, which starts April 22 on Lifetime. So naturally she's doing publicity for the show. Which means more talking about the cheating ... which I think is safe to say now officially happened. I mean, in some ways, you've got to hand it to Tori. Few celebs come right out and admit this kind of thing. Tori had the typically devastating things to say about her marriage that any cheated-on spouse would say.

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    In what might just be the cruelest reality television prank (forget Punk'd and Joe Millionaire), Fox has officially released the trailer for their newest reality dating show: I Wanna Marry Harry.

    Harry, of course, is none other than Prince Harry. Well, at least that's what the unsuspecting ladies are led to believe. In reality, he's a paid British actor named Matthew Hicks, whose sole job is to pretend to be royal and schmooze a dozen ladies. Not a bad job, huh?

    The show is produced by the same man who did Joe Millionaire, so we're definitely sensing a bit of a theme here. But this time, they've really stepped their hoax game up. Check it out:

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    Since the beginning of Juan Pablo Galavis' stint as el Bachelor, we've known one thing about Nikki Ferrell: girl can't dance. Luckily, she can laugh at her own two left feet and was always willing to try, because suave JP likes to get his bonafide baile on!

    In case you need reminders: back on their group date in South Korea, Nikki let Kat take the lead and bust the moves, while she danced in the back line. And on her ABC questionnaire, she was  asked what her preferred style of dancing was, to which she replied: "Is drunk dancing a type?" Yes. It most definitely is.

    But as insecure and  it turns out that she'll have to step her dancing game way up because Juan Pablo recently tweeted that the they will be participating in a charity dance party!

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    Wow, in Housewives land, Kenya Moore took center stage, whether she was crying over her dog, waving a magic wand in Porsha Stewart's face on the reunion preview, or teaming up with Kate Gosselin. We have the return of Orange County with new blood, the Beverly Hills ladies on New York, and the Dalai Lama. Well, not really.

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    Tamra Judge's custody battle with her ex Simon Barney has hit a new low courtesy of the last person you'd ever expect. She might be the star of a T.V. show, but the drama is definitely more epic in Tamra's personal life these days. She's been fighting awful allegations made by her former hubby in his bid to gain sole custody of their three children. But it isn't just Simon. Now Tamra's 15-year-old daughter Sidney is speaking up on Twitter.

    Simon says (lol) that Tamra neglects the children, forgetting to feed and bathe them when they stay with her (not lol). Tamra has struck back on social media about these claims, which she calls lies. She also struck back at Radar Online who broke the story, posting a picture of her family on vacation to her Facebook page with a snide message in the caption directed at the site.

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