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    The GOOP is about to hit the fan, you guys. Remember how Gwyneth Paltrow was all flipping out because Vanity Fair was going to publish an "unflattering" article about her? Well, they're gonna go ahead and do it, despite the fact that Gwynnie launched an all-out campaign among Hollywood A-listers to boycott the magazine -- and it's being called an "epic takedown."

    Yes, if there's one celebrity out there who isn't intimidated by the GOOP guru's near-blinding aura of Better Than Everybody Else, it's Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter. The seen-it-all publishing icon has dealt with plenty of famous people putting up big fat fusses over the years -- everybody from Roman Polanski to Lindsay Lohan has complained, loudly (Polanski sued Vanity Fair for libel). That's why Carter's reaction to Paltrow's comments comes as no surprise.

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    Meow! Martha Stewart's sharp claws came out just enough to serve as a reminder that she IS the absolute embodiment of a lifestyle brand -- and don't you dare forget it, Gwyneth Paltrow!

    The sometimes mean but totally bitchin' decorator, cook, and patron saint of all-things Christmas and cocktail parties recently questioned Gwyneth's domestic authenticity. She said that she's never enjoyed a meal at the actress's house or had a good hard look at her curtain treatments, but that she really hopes Gwyn is the real deal when it comes to caring about lifestyle topics. 

    Then Martha issued the ultimate just-remember-who's-boss line. 

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    Scarlett Johansson is the first woman to twice be named “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire. Previous to this year’s title, she also had the honor in 2006. The 28-year-old bombshell also chatted to the mag about her busy schedule, her relationships, and her plans for the future.

    “What I want to do right now is sleep late, read the paper,” she said of her busy schedule this year, which includes Don Jon, a movie about a porn addict, and her run on Broadway’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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    Some of you just can't see it, but I think Henry Cavill is one of the hottest-looking men in existence right about now. I've sadly felt this way ever since 2002, when he played Albert Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo, and now he's going to become a household name playing Superman in Man of Steel. To hype up the upcoming June 14 release date, Henry gorgeously graces the cover of Details magazine and opens up in the sweetest, most endearing way.

    Cavill -- which "rhymes with travel," he says -- admitted that he had issues of his own growing up. "I was fat," he confesses. "I was Fat Cavill." Aww, poor kid! Then, while at boarding school, he felt extremely homesick. "I bawled on the phone to my mom four times a day," he says. "I became an easy target."

    Amazing how this once-bullied man grew up to become Superman, huh? All of this makes him so much more human and lovable. Which, of course, inevitably leads to ...

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    You guys, I'm really sorry, but I have some terrible news about Miley Cyrus. No, it's not that she's officially broken off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth -- despite what Snoop Dogg/Lion might have recently hinted at in a blatant attempt to promote their weed-fueled musical collaboration out of concern for his friend -- it's that ... well, there's no easy way to say this, but apparently Miley Cyrus isn't going to tweet any more pictures of her dogs. Because the world no longer deserves the privilege.

    You're probably thinking that without the incredible honor of seeing Miley Cyrus's dogs in all their grainy, Instagram-filtered glory, there's no reason to go on living. Who would blame you? This is a truly devastating announcement, and we're just going to have to support each other in this time of national mourning.

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    When I first saw the link proclaiming Bradley Cooper says he didn’t even WANT the Oscar , I thought, Ha yeah, sure you didn't! Very funny, Mr. Blue Eyes Cooper or should I say Mr. Sour Grapes?!

    But then, I read the actual quotes from his interview with British GQ (out this month), and you know what? I totally believe him.

    Two years ago, Cooper lost his father to lung cancer, and apparently, it totally changed the actor's life.

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    No debate, Kate Upton is a sex symbol. Yeah, we may question why exactly she landed the coveted cover spot of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the second year in a row, but the girl's got a rockin' bod. The model's personal trainer, David Kirsch, recently opened up to People to reveal how Kate gets in shape, and let me tell you -- it is absolutely nuts. Beyond nuts. I'm dizzy just thinking about it ... nuts.

    Leading up to her Sports Illustrated shoot, the girl did a seven-day cleanse, multiple times in a row.

    That's only the beginning.

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    I try not to snark on every celebrity I write about here at The Stir, but I admit I haven't missed many opportunities to rip on Ashton Kutcher. It's just -- I really don't like the guy. I think he's a crappy actor who only clawed his way out of MTV-trucker-hat-level fame by attaching himself to Demi Moore's toned A-lister rear end. And then he humiliated her by splashing his philandering douchebucket ways all over the tabloids. And then he somehow scored that Two and a Half Men gig where he gets paid, like, the equivalent of the U.S. national debt for each episode. UGH.

    However, I might dislike him a tiny bit less now that he's publicly confessed something we all knew, but assumed he never admitted to himself: Ashton Kutcher's movies are reeking piles of cinematic garbage. 

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    And the Oscar goes to … whichever talented actor played the most “interesting” role that year. Not the badass that takes out villains without remorse, but instead with a colorful “yippee kay-ay, mother f***er!” But even without an Oscar, Bruce Willis still wins in my book.

    The A list actor recently chatted with GQ for an interview in their March issue. Although he’s won a Golden Globe and two Emmys, he’s never been nominated for an Academy Award -- despite his successful 30-year career. He told the magazine, “'You don't get an Oscar for comedy, and you don't get it for shooting people … You get it for novelty, for being fascinating to watch in some character role.”

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    We all fight weight gain as we get older -- even country music stars. A few years ago, Tim McGraw had packed on the pounds, but then he kicked his butt into gear and got back into shape. His toned, shirtless body is in the new issue of PEOPLE, where you’ll be able to ogle his eight-pack abs. Yes, I said eight-pack.

    Tim says that he decided to get healthy for his career and his family. In an interview, he said:

    No one wants to grow up to be a rock star to sing the same song over and over again in a studio ... the reason you want to do this is to be in front of thousands of people, playing that guitar and doing what you love. And when I'm on stage, I want to feel good.

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