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    Somewhere, Kate Gosselin is having a good laugh. She can't be too upset that her husband, Jon, has been reduced to waiting tables at a restaurant in rural Pennsylvania in order to make a living -- and presumably pay his child support. Kate and Jon used to rake in the big bucks on their highly rated TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, but after their marriage imploded, so did the show. Neither has reclaimed the fame they once had. (Take note, Kardashians.) And now with Jon waiting tables for a living, he admits he has "hit rock bottom."

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    A few days ago, if you had asked me, I would have said that divorce of Kate and Jon Gosselin was about a 10 on the acrimonious Richter scale. But today? I'm amending my answer to an "11", because Kate is now suing Jon for allegedly hacking into her phone and stealing a hard drive in order to obtain material for the Kate Gosselin tell-all book: Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

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    Since the debut of Jon & Kate Plus 8 back in 2007, mother of multiples extraordinaire Kate Gosselin has generated a near constant stream of controversy: First, for simply giving birth to six babies at once (after having twin girls); next, for "bossing" her husband and children around (did she really have a choice?); and most recently, for displaying what many considered "diva-esque" behavior following her divorce from husband Jon. Still, has any of the criticism been fair? (I say NO, but more on that later.)

    Now that the kids are getting older (twins Mady and Cara are 12, and sextuplets Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, Leah, and Aaden are 9) and the fame-induced firestorm is dying down at last, Gosselin can conceivably take a minute to look back at the last 10 years of her life -- which is exactly what she's doing in the new issue of People magazine. 

    "I made so many mistakes, of course," she says.

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    Recently, a very close family friend turned 18. It was a long awaited day and a big milestone for her. I've known her parents since I was 18, so she and her family are practically an extended part of our family. She looks up to me like a big sister and is very wise beyond her young years. We often have deep adult discussions. She's such a joy to have around.

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  • Unlikely Friendship (PHOTO)

    posted by Kate Gosselin June 20, 2013 at 2:31 PM in Home & Garden
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    I made a new -- and very unlikely -- friend recently.

    Her name is Kisa (often called Kisa Lu) and she's grey and speckly spotted and has floppy ears. She's taller than I am when she stands on her back legs (which she doesn't often do) because she is a Great Dane.

    She belongs to a good friend of mine who was very worried about how she and I would get along when I visited recently.

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  • Do Moms Deserve a Break? (PHOTO)

    posted by Kate Gosselin June 13, 2013 at 12:31 PM in Big Kid
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    This is me in March 2004 at just 20 weeks pregnant with sextuplets!If you are a mom, I'm betting you “live tired.” The way I see it, it's as if pregnancy is nature’s way of preparing us for our new way of living a “tired life” -- which quickly becomes our new normal -- for the next 18 years or so. I can only speak for myself and what I know about being pregnant twice ... and having given birth to eight kids. (I still smile when I say -- or write -- that by the way. It still seems to defy logic, but it's my reality and I love it.)

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    As I was sitting here, going over today's "TO DO" list, I found myself spending a good 30 minutes texting my tween girls (who were riding the school bus on the way to school) and then emailing with their friends' parents in order to RSVP to the many, many social events for them that, in recent years, seem to stack up at the end of the school year. Whew! Suddenly, I felt like their secretary or assistant!

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  • Happy 9th Birthday to My 6! (PHOTO)

    posted by Adriana Velez May 9, 2013 at 12:40 PM in Big Kid
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    [Celebrating their 8th birthday last year]

    As May 10, of yet another year, comes into focus, I can feel the excitement and curiosity surrounding me as I busily put the perfect finishing birthday touches on each and every detail, preparing for the big day -- this year, my sextuplets turn NINE years old!! It's so very hard to believe!

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  • All Fish Go to Heaven, Right? (PHOTO)

    posted by Kate Gosselin April 25, 2013 at 12:31 PM in Big Kid
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    Recently, I wrote about the joy that our family pets add to our lives, how they teach my kids responsibility and love us all unconditionally. Today, I'm sad to report, we have experienced a first in our family: the death of one of our pets. Our favorite fish friend, Fabio, who we all loved as much as you can love a fish, passed away, from natural causes ... (?)

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  • Boston On My Mind

    posted by Kate Gosselin April 19, 2013 at 1:31 PM in In The News
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    I had written my blog post this week immediately after the tragedy that occurred in Boston. A few days later, I am glued to my TV, watching as a standoff surrounding the second suspect is being televised live. All I can think about is how long and harrowing this week has been for Boston and our entire country. My heart goes out to everyone involved, and I'm praying for the safety of our law enforcement and innocent bystanders.

    My thoughts are in Boston. I know I'm far from alone in this. As a runner myself, the tragedy on Monday hit way too close to home. I, like everyone else, am left with many questions and also many things to be angry about following this latest senseless tragedy.

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