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    Jon Gosselin, you've gone too far this time. Sure, there was that time you shot at a photographer. And the time you called your ex-wife an "asshole" in the press. And those billion other times you insulted her. But keep your mitts off Kate's money! RadarOnline reports that Jon, who last we knew wasn't paying child support because he makes no money, wants to grab a share of Kate's paycheck for her upcoming TLC Kate Plus 8 specials. Nuh-uh, honey!

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    Mama of eight Kate Gosselin and her silverhaired bodyguard Steve Neild are back together! Yes, the pair, who tabloids have been trying to insinuate are having more than a professional relationship for eons, were spotted "vacationing together" with Kate's eight kids in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Though, let's get this straight, Steve was working.

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    Kate Gosselin gets a lot of flack for being somewhat of an uptight mama, and while much of it seems to be well deserved, occasionally there's a method to her madness. Like the list of "House Rules" she apparently handed out to the film crew for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    Author Robert Hoffman published a copy of Kate's rules for her film crew in his tell-all book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World. Supposedly intended to paint the reality star in a harsh light, the list actually makes a lot of sense, considering that it is her private home, and she had eight little ones crawling or running around.

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    Note to Kate Gosselin: You might not want to hire any "help" ever again, because anyone who's ever worked for you seems to eventually rat you out to the media. A former unnamed nanny of Kate Gosselin's has gone public with, yes, tales of what it's like to work for Kate -- and from the woman's description, it doesn't sound very fun. According to the nanny, Kate had instructed her to "be Kate" when she wasn't around -- and that included eavesdropping on phone conversations her ex-husband John had with their kids.

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    It's no secret that Kate Gosselin is a bit of a control freak. Anyone who's watched even one episode of TLC's defunct reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 has seen evidence of that. Or you know, even one daytime talk show interview where Kate demands teen twins Mady and Cara to answer when they clam up on national TV.

    Now is reporting that Kate keeps a secret babysitter rulebook, and some of the demands take her control freakery to a whole other level. Like the fact that she'll "freak out" if they don't landscape, do chores, and take care of the chickens (literal chickens in the coop -- not the children). But the most disturbing rule is the one that demands the sitters to spy on the children's every interaction with their dad.

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    Bring on the flying pigs and the raining frogs, people, because I agree with Andy Cohen. About what, might you ask? Watch today's exclusive video below to find out! Also, the Kate Plus 8 special and why Kate Gosselin reminds me of Bethenny Frankel, and how Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars just got REAL.

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    The reality of what being a single mom is really about doesn't hit you until you are a single mother. You can catch a glimpse into what it's like to be a single mom for a weekend if you aren't really single and your partner is away for work, but there is an end in sight. After a few months of being a single mom, you really feel it. Sure, you slip into new routines and the kids gets older, and while their needs change, there are always needs. Mom, I need this. Mom, can you help me with that? Mom. Mom. Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom. Mom is all there is at home.

    I've been a single mom of twins (now 4) for over a year now. Being a single mom brings on unique challenges, though I know we all have different challenges in whatever situation we are in (single, married, whatever). But when I hear Kate Gosselin talk about her challenges being a single mom, I wonder how she even remembers to get dressed every day. Kate, as we know, has eight kids. She admits that single motherhood is not ideal.

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    Are you ready for this? I put on my TLC hat last night to watch the Season 4 premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and the Kate Plus 8 special, and in today's exclusive video after the jump I found common ground with both Kate Gosselin and Mama June. Also, I check in on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars episode 3 and MORE Real Housewives of New Jersey news.

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    Oh mama. Kate Gosselin and her brood returned to T.V. tonight -- and, not surprisingly, the much maligned Jon Gosselin was nowhere to be seen. Time has passed, there have even been two seasons of Kate and the 8 minus Jon. But all the same, Kate and Jon's divorce is still relatively fresh in our minds. Equally fresh? Her attempts to stay in the public eye with forays into Dancing With The Stars -- she's even set to star on The Celebrity Apprentice in the upcoming season.

    The return to the spotlight wasn't, ostensibly, for Kate this time. This reunion special was to celebrate the sextuplets turning ten! That makes me feel ancient. Let's not even discuss the fact that the twins are already teenagers. Just roll in my wheelchair and leave me to my misery. Time may have passed since we last saw the gang, but not a lot has changed. 

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    Ordinarily, if you want to know how someone truly is, the last person on Earth you'd ask is her ex. Many people -- gosh, I wonder why my brain automatically calls up an image of Jon Gosselin -- exit a relationship turned sour carrying so much emotional baggage that it's pretty much impossible to carry on about an old flame's virtues with so many negative memories in the way.

    But Angelina Jolie doesn't share such worries. Her ex, Billy Bob Thornton -- yep, the guy whose blood she wore in a vial around her neck -- had some choice things to share about the Maleficent star. And unlike Kate Gosselin and Tori Spelling, she won't want to run for the hills when she hears them.

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