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    She might be the youngest sibling in the family, but it looks like Kylie Jenner has the BIGGEST problems. And what’s worse is that this might only be the beginning for her.

    The 17-year-old reality television star tried to lie her way out of a serious accident, proving that she not only needs to take a driving test again, but an ethics one, too.

    If that doesn’t already piss you off, just wait until you find out exactly what she did.

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    Justin Timberlake recently showed what an awesome guy he is for the eight millionth time when he arranged for young Robbie Twible to have the experience of a lifetime. The 12-year-old suffers from a rare and painful debilitating skin disease, but he got to forget his worries for a night when JT sent a limo for him and his whole family, and sat them front and center for his performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

    Robbie said it was "amazing," and likely died of happiness when his idol dedicated his last song of the evening, "Mirrors," to him. Robbie says he loves Timberlake because of his talent and his big heart. "He can sing, dance and act, and he gives to charity," said Robbie. "He’s very talented."

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    In 1999, if you had told me that the curly-headed kid in my favorite boy band would be one of the music world's biggest superstars a decade and a half later, I probably would've ignored you and turned Carson Daly and Total Request Live up.

    And if you had told me his breakout song would be something called "SexyBack," I most definitely would've said "Bye Bye Bye," because those kinds of things just don't happen in real life. But Justin Timberlake had a vision for his music, and now he's finally opening up about the truth of his feelings over leaving 'NSYNC to pursue it.

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    James Van Der Beek has been out promoting his new sitcom, Friends With Better Lives, but the personable actor has ended up sharing more about his off-camera antics than he probably intended. Like sharing that Adrian Grenier was almost cast as the lead in Dawson's Creek instead of him!

    And also that he once snuck an underage Justin Timberlake into a nightclub in Vegas by letting him borrow his ID. Now, he might like to apologize to JT's mom for his part in "trying to corrupt" her son.

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    I totally called that one wrong. I would've bet money that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were expecting, given all those times she publicly ditched him. They said they were doing just fine, and I guess they are and, apparently, not pregnant, if their recent vacation photos are any indication.

    JT recently whisked his gorgeous wife away on a tropical holiday to celebrate her 32nd birthday. The pair looked as toned and fabulous as ever in their beachwear -- him in board shorts and her in a teeny tiny bikini. And there was no baby bump in sight.

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    Seems that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake can do no wrong. What better way to close out the first week of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon than with such an iconic guest. They could barely even contain their excitement about what was to come -- at first, they just sat there awkwardly looking at each other, then grabbed some conveniently hidden microphones and launched into "History of Rap 5." Yes, they've done this four times before already.

    They rap everything from LL Cool J to Salt 'n' Pepa to the Fresh Prince theme song, including some modern day hits like Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools (Drank)" and a mash-up of Jay Z's "99 Problems." They finished off the amazing routine by jumping into the audience and belting out RUN DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."

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    I'm pretty sure being insanely attractive is a prerequisite to be part of Hollywood's elite. But what happens when two hot and sexy stars link up? We're left with a couple so steamy, they make our screens sizzle.

    Star-powered couples exist all throughout Tinseltown, but only a select few are hot enough to keep our attention or make us wildly jealous of their spicy romances.

    This Valentine's Day, we're paying homage to some of Hollywood's most dynamic of duos. And fair warning: just looking at these pairs is sure to fog up some windows.

    Check out our slideshow below and let us know: did your favorite sexy couple make the list?

    Image via Splash News

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    It seems like everyone wants to jump on the Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel must be having trouble in paradise because she keeps skipping out on him at events train, but I’m putting my money on the baby train.

    Jess stayed home AGAIN on Wednesday this week, as her hubby attended the People’s Choice Awards and accepted the Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album Awards. He gave a shout out to his “beautiful wife,” but it didn’t stop the gossipmongers from wagging their tongues that they’re on the brink of divorce.

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    One of the highlights of the People's Choice Awards yesterday was undeniably Justin Timberlake's acceptance speech for the Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album awards. Although she was suspiciously absent (yet again ...) from the show, his wife Jessica Biel got a major shout-out from JT. "And I'd like to thank my beautiful wife for teaching me patience and the little things like just putting the dishes in the dishwasher. It goes a long way -- fellas, you're welcome!" he joked. Immediately, Twitter blew up with comments about how they're probably on the brink of divorce over household chores!

    The fact that Jessica wasn't in attendance (for the second time in a row, as she didn't accompany him to the American Music Awards in November, mind you) and the fact that he went to Taco Bell -- not straight home to his wifey, gasp! -- only added fuel to the fire.

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    Remember when Jessica Biel skipped out on her hubby Justin Timberlake at the American Music Awards last month? She seems to be at it again, which is causing quite the speculation on the interwebs that these two may be headed to Splits Ville already.

    Justin hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, and once again, Jess decided to sit it out. A source told that “Justin was solo again at the Saturday Night Live after party and he stayed until nearly 5 a.m.”

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