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    Planning on getting busted for robbing a Beverly Hills drugstore while you've got an illegal substance in your pocket? Just identify yourself to the police as "former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland," because apparently you can do so and NO ONE will actually verify this information.

    That's pretty much exactly what happened when a 44-year-old man named Jason Michael Hurley claimed to be Weiland after his arrest back in July. In fact, I'm not sure anyone would have figured out the mix-up if TMZ hadn't reported that Weiland was in jail -- prompting Weiland to issue a grumpy video statement from his recording studio, assuring TMZ they'd be hearing from his attorneys for their "nice piece of fiction."

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    This week, we examine the aftermath of that CRAZY Real Housewives of Atlanta pajama party from Hades. Who dealt with it the best? What happened behind the scenes? Was it a setup? Also, we check in on Mob Wives and Couples Therapy, and I answer your viewer questions!

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    Wow. This week in reality TV land is ... something. We've got husbands being arrested, a pajama party that ended in fist fights, $5,000 to $8,000 being spent at strip clubs ... and that's just The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We've also got gossip from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump RulesMob Wives, and Couples Therapy. You might want to pour yourself a cocktail.

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    If you didn't get arrested or have to appear in court in 2013 -- well, good for you! That's more than what can be said for the celebrities on the following list. From darling Reese Witherspoon to disturbed Amanda Bynes, there were certainly some shocking celebrity arrests from the past year. So, if you had a kind of lackluster 2013 and want to feel better about yourself since you didn't get into any entanglements with law enforcement, this one's for you! Or, if you have been arrested this year (and so sorry if you have) ... um, celebrities! They're just like us! So you can feel better about yourself in that way too.

    And maybe 2014 will bode better for these folks -- though there's no doubt that a whole new crop of celebs will appear on next year's list.

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    Oh no, looks like Jenelle Evans' pregnancy with her second child hasn't been keeping her out of jail. Jenelle was arrested yet again in South Carolina and charged with breaching the peace. Records show that she was booked into the Horry County jail at around 6 p.m. on Saturday and was released an hour later.

    Reportedly, police were called when a man and woman were screaming at each other outside a home in North Myrtle Beach. Evans' boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, said that Jenelle had locked him out of the house. Oy.

    A neighbor tells In Touch, "Jenelle must have gotten into a fight with her boyfriend and locked him out of the house. He was banging on the door, and someone must've called the cops.

    "They showed up soon after and Jenelle was originally hesitant to let them in. When she finally opened up, they went inside and next thing you know, she was being brought out in handcuffs."

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    Whew! It may be cold in New York City, but my cable box is smoking hot! In today's reality round-up video, I discuss why dogs get better treatment than the men on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who I think will win in the showdown between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore, and why Porsha Stewart better watch her back.

    What's going on with The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Is Teresa Giudice in, out, or stalling?

    Also this week, I question why The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just isn't doing it for me this season -- how about for you?

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    Two weeks isn't usually enough time for a child to learn how to ride a bicycle. It's not enough time to settle into a new home or learn enough about a new boyfriend or girlfriend to decide whether you want to take things to the next level. And in no way is two weeks enough time for Chris Brown, who has been dealing with anger issues for years, to acquire the life skills he needs to prevent himself from punching someone in the face again. 

    Yes folks, it's been 16 days and Rihanna's ex has already ditched his residential rehab program. His gal pal Karrueche Tran, pictured with him here, says she hopes he can now focus on their budding love. But, oh girl, I would argue your man still has way more work to do on himself first.

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    The Bridezilla disappeared and was replaced by a sourpuss on a mechanical bull!! What is going ON down in Miami?? In today’s episode of The Real Deal, I cover The Real Housewives of Miami as well as the final looks at New Jersey and the upcoming Giudice court case.

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    Wow -- this is a super-sized episode! Three hours of TV to cover as well as all the gossip in the press!

    You asked, I answered; in today’s exclusive video, I talk New Jersey firings and replacements, as well as my predictions for Caroline Manzo post-Housewives, whether Dina Manzo will return, and what that means for Jacqueline Laurita.

    Why should all Housewives fans take notice of Penny and Johnny the Greek’s latest lawsuit? They’ve done something NO ONE else has, and what does that mean for Bravo?

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    Don't let Real Housewives of Atlanta's Apollo Nida and his sweet smile fool you. The dude is stone cold and will smack down anyone who looks at him the wrong way. We may know him best as the quiet husband of Phaedra Parks, Atlanta society's popular aspiring mortician, but he's got a past that is beyond shady.

    His recent attack on rival Kenya Moore's assistant Brandon DeShazer is a reminder of Apollo's dark side. Phaedra and Apollo's fight with Kenya over rights to make a workout DVD has been well-chronicled on the show. But this latest, violent chapter sure hasn't made the small screen, at least not yet. Here's why Apollo went medieval on Brandon.

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