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    My 7-year-old is drawn to infomercial products like a fly to the Bug Zapper Racket ... like a dog to Bark Off ... like a senior citizen to the EZ Eyes Keyboard ... like a mom to those Meaningful Beauty products Cindy Crawford will practically bring to your door. In fact, my little princess is convinced the holidays will be a total disaster without a Big Top Cupcake.

    I'm not gonna lie, I've been smitten with some of those infomercial inventions myself. I own a couple of Snuggies, for instance -- everyone in the commercials looks so comfy on their couches while reading books and not feeling fettered by the constraints of a blanket. I've bought P90X, and Moon Sand, and Blendy Pens, and even Pillow Pets (before they sold them everywhere from Walmart to Shell stations).

    In fact, some of them are positively irresistible and I want to buy them as gifts. Here are a few I find both ridiculous and at the same time inexplicably appealing:

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    Finding the perfect gift for big kids can be a real challenge, especially when you don't want to spend a fortune. Sure, you could go cheap, but then you end up with "cheap" things. What's the fun in that?

    Well happy holidays, people. Buck up. There's a whole lot out there that isn't expensive, but also NOT cheap. Whoo-hoo! So just what kinds of items can older kids get for under $20?

    See below:

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    The Christmas episode of Glee has already come and gone (and will for weeks to come for those of us who are reliving its glory on DVR). Now it's time to get serious, shoppers. What are you going to buy for the Gleek on your holiday shopping list?

    Power up your iPod with the latest Rachel Berry solo, and let's get cracking, shall we?

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    Father's Day is today (June 19) peeps and if you (uh, like me) also have not had the chance to get around to getting dad so much as a neck tie, then you will also enjoy these free Ecards that will make dad smile and then you can say:

    "I have waited weeks to send this to you!" He may just buy it. Or, maybe not, since he probably knows you well enough to know you are a procrastinator (and a liar, to boot). But never mind all that.

    Last I checked, it was still the thought that counts, so here are 5 Free Father's Day Ecards that will make dad laugh until he forgets that his child put off his gift until the last minute. Or maybe you have a barbecue planned for this afternoon. It's still a nice way to tell dad he is on your mind.

    Here they are:

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  • Snooki Slippers & More Celeb Stocking Stuffers

    posted by Cary Fagan December 16, 2010 at 10:55 AM in Entertainment
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    Need a Christmas gift for your favorite Jersey Shore fan? Just go to and you'll find Snooki Slippers!  Available in pink and white ($19.99) and what must clearly be the deluxe pair since they cost 5 bucks more -- a leopard print.

    Snooki has even posted a video touting the attributes of the snugly shoes with these words:

    I'm wearing my slippers right now and they're very comfy and I hope you guys enjoy them because I love them because they're comfy and also you can wear them outside and it's really fun.

    All right, Snooks! Consider me sold!

    So what other celebrity-centric gifts could you or anyone in your family possibly find under the tree this year?

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    I love crazy hats: geeky hats, cute hats, animal hats with ears, ridiculous hats in general (even if silly hats are not in fashion). I once had a beanie with a rubber dinosaur and pinwheel on top.

    So my obsession for unique hats is now being passed down to my children, and in my holiday browser-window shopping, I've come across lots of unique, fun, geektastic, and adorable hats for babies, toddlers, and even you.

    Check them out!

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    Holiday shopping has kicked into high gear, and what better place to find gift ideas than an entertainment column? No need to spend your precious time trying to come up with thoughtful holiday presents for the people you love—I've got the ultimate gift list right here, you guys.Assuming you're looking for random crap that's endorsed by celebrities, that is.

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    It's hard to buy gifts for men.

    I know this because, one, I have a father who just buys what he wants and leaves you nothing to give him, and, two, my wife reminds me every Father's Day -- which, by the way, is June 20, three weeks from Sunday. So she and I are both in the same pickle every year, and I bet you are, too.

    But don't panic. And don't make these fatal mistakes:

    1) Trust the gift guide on any lame-ass men's site known more for topless women covering their breasts than shopping advice. Dads don't need skateboards, and Abercrombie shirts don't fit us.

    2) Go somewhere in the mall with goofy, overpriced gadgets and convince yourself that your husband needs a foot massager that also gives the weather forecast in 20 world cities.

    3) Buy him a tie, slippers, wallet, picture frame, socks, underwear, pajamas or any golf-themed plaque because you can't think of anything better. If he says he wants any of those things, he's lying.

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  • Stocking Stuffers: Paperback Books!

    posted by The Stir Bloggers December 17, 2008 at 8:44 AM in Entertainment
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    Need stocking stuffers? Entertainment Buzz has got you covered! All stocking stuffers are $10 and underPaperback books are a gift I like to give and get.

    Photo by: Ninteen Minutes

    Nineteen Minutes paperback book

    Why I Love It: Jodi Picoult books are always a good read!

    Get It: Barnes & Noble, $6.98.

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  • Stocking Stuffers: Holiday Movie Buffs!

    posted by The Stir Bloggers December 16, 2008 at 7:01 AM in Entertainment
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    Need stocking stuffers? Entertainment Buzz has ideas for stocking stuffers every day this week! All stocking stuffers are $10 and under.  Here are some ideas for your holiday movie buff!

    Photo by: Amazon

    Polar Express DVD

    Why I Love It: This is a great story but it might not be in every holiday movie collection.

    Get It: Amazon, $9.49.

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