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    Congratulations to our winners: Nighttiger, micheledo, and Janis_1975!

    Everyone, let's get our hands, paws, and hooves on deck for the release of the new animated flick, Noah's Ark.

    Award-winning director Juan Pablo Buscarini has come out with host of new characters: from the determined Dagnino the Tiger to the hilarious Xiro the Lion, the cast teaches kids the importance of getting along and resolving conflict in a very, well, cramped space. Now that's a lesson we could all learn!

    Plus, with the portable DVD player (in an adorable purple color), a puzzle, and a plushie set, the kids can be entertained even after the movie has finished. One lucky winner will come out with the complete prize pack (as pictured above), and two runners-up will receive the movie and puzzle!

    To enter for a chance to win the movie prize pack, let us know:

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    I have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make: Back when I was a wee tyke, Wheel of Fortune was my absolute favorite TV show (nerd from the womb). My parents said I would sit in my chair and scream, "Wheel! Wheel! Wheel!" at the television set before it would come on. So it brings me great, abundant joy whenever this classic show makes headlines. And not only will this Wheel of Fortune contestant hit you with a hefty dose of nostalgia (just me?), he'll prove why he is the luckiest, smartest, most brilliant contestant I've seen recently.

    Just take a look at this board for the infamous bonus round. Kind of looks impossible, right? The category was "Thing," and R, S, T, L, N, E are given letters. Emil guessed letters H, M, D, O, but only N and E showed up. Drats! Talk about bad luck.

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    Finding a romantic match in a room full of 20 beautiful singles sounds like a walk in the park, right? I mean, hello -- these contestants on MTV's new dating show, Are You the One? have an opportunity to foster that perfect, undeniable chemistry that could make for a great Nicholas Sparks novel!

    But what happens when you mix in some booze (thanks, MTV bartenders) with more hot people in a tropical setting? Drama. And some skinny dipping, too.

    This week on Are You the One? we realized that the gorgeous group of contestants are complete boneheads when it comes to finding their perfect counterparts. Last week, they had found four matches. This week, they went down to two. Clearly, whatever connections were made just a few short days ago were no longer as sizzling.

    Quick work, guys.

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    Real talk here: dating in the digital world is hard. Between the countless new matchmaking apps and the horribly awkward blind dates, finding your perfect match is prettttty rough.

    Enter MTV's stellar new show, Are You the One? (and cue memories of fabulous dating shows locked in the MTV reality programming vault: Date My MomRoom Raiders, Next). The newest entry into the dating reality show genre has 20 hot 20-somethings living in a house in Hawaii, all of them on a mission to find their one true perfect match. If all 10 pairs match up in the 10 weeks of the show, they all split a $1 million prize.

    Not too shabby for a summer of drinking, partying, and promiscuity.

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    On Monday night, Jeopardy contestants had to ask some questions in a category called “It’s a Rap,” which as you may have already guessed, involved some rap lyrics as answers. One of America’s favorite game show hosts did not disappoint viewers with a missed opportunity -- Alex Trebek laid down the beat.

    I won't lie. Listening to the once-mustached 73-year-old usually buttoned-up white guy say “nuthin’ but a g thang” out loud totally just made my day.

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    Who doesn’t love The Price Is Right? Remember when you were home sick from school as a kid, and you’d get to watch Bob Barker make all those contestants guess the price of things? Just me?

    Drew Carey may have replaced Bob Barker, but the show still holds lots of charm. Especially on this week, as the show’s biggest winner ever acted with proper decorum given such an honor. And by proper decorum, I mean she ran around the stage in circles like someone that just became the biggest winner in the show’s history.

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    For weeks Hasbro, the makers of the game Monopoly, have been running a contest to allow fans to choose the new Monopoly token. They have also been allowed to choose which one goes. It's the first time in the game's nearly 100-year history that fans have had such a role.

    As voting got hot, it seemed obvious that either the wheelbarrow, shoe, or iron were going to go. Today it was officially announced that the iron got the proverbial boot. (And the boot itself? Stays!) Meanwhile it was between a robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter, or guitar for the new piece. Turns out, the cat got it. Meow.

    The cat is totally adorable and I am happy for the game. But still. Wah. I have been playing with that iron since I was a little girl and now my kids won't get to. Why do all these games and shows and movies feel the constant need to reboot?

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    About a year ago I wrote a mother-in-law-nup (MIL-nup), so that one could comfortably hand their sweet boy over to some son-stealing Jezebel. Clearly, I'm still bitter, but it made me realize that there should be "nups" for lots of things.

    Like email and social networking. I'm not talking about the spammers who seem quite certain I have a small penis, I'm lonely, I could use Prozac and Cialis, and I should get said drugs from Canada.

    No, I can forgive the Internets, but what I cannot forgive is the annoying emails and Facebook requests from my supposed friends and family. You guys are on shaky ground, which is why I've written this "e-nup," and I say everyone signs!

    I hereby decree that:

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    If you're embarrassed to be a gamer, stop! Chilling on your couch with a controller in your hand isn't just for acne-ridden teenage boys these days. Celebrities are using their downtime to get their game on just like the rest of us!

    It seems there are plenty of stars who have let it slip that they use video game consoles the way the rest of us do: to blow off steam, get social, lose weight, and more. Any guesses who tops the list of secret celebrity gamers? Check it out!

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    If you thought time travel was impossible, think again. Thanks to Facebook, The Oregon Trail is beckoning us for the first time in decades. The game has graphics better than anything else of its kind. And I'll bet you all my oxen that it will be 10 times more addicting than FarmVille.

    Oh come on, doesn't the action of thieves stealing your oxen at all hours of the night, the possibility of catching cholera, and losing a wagon axle while attempting to ford the river sound more incredible than some mooing and clucking animal game?

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