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    The Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Seth Meyers, will air on Monday, August 25, and that leaves everyone with just enough time to binge-watch as many possible nominated shows as humanly possible. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

    Fear not, because we'll definitely be joining you. But with all of the shows and TV programs nominated for awards this year, there are a lot of possible choices. So we've narrowed it down for you to the 9 best Emmy-nominated shows that you should watch:

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    The nominations for this year's Emmy Awards have been officially released and, boy, are there some goodies on the list!

    The biggest television awards show of the year, which will take place on August 25, is going to be packed to the gills with our fave celebs. With a few exceptions, voters this year were fair and chose nominees who truly deserve to be recognized for their talent.

    Leading the pack was HBO's Game of Thrones, which racked up an astounding 19 nominations, including those for Best Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor (Peter Dinklage), and Best Supporting Actress (Lena Headey). At its heels were shows like Orange Is the New Black, Modern Family, and Downton Abbey. And let's not forget our fave reality competition shows -- The Voice is taking it this year, if you ask me.

    See the complete list here and let us know if you think they left anyone out.

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    Susan Sarandon is an amazing actress, which means that she’s been nominated for quite a few awards during her decades-long career. Over 41 years of acting, she’s racked up five Emmy, seven Golden Globe, and five Oscar nominations. That’s a lot of award shows to attend, and even more acceptance speeches to sit through.

    On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, the seasoned star revealed her secret to taking it all in stride. When host Andy Cohen asked her to name a major Hollywood event that she was stoned at, she responded, “Only one?” Then she laughed and said, “I would say almost all except the Oscars.”

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    It’s been just three months since Kaley Cuoco, 27, of Big Bang Theory fame, and tennis star Ryan Sweeting started dating, but it looks like the adorable couple is ready for a more serious commitment. Her rep confirmed to Us Weekly that Sweeting, 26, proposed to his sweetheart on Wednesday.

    The couple made their red carpet debut just days ago, when they stepped out together for a pre-Emmys bash and then the Emmy Awards show in L.A. It looks like Kaley is pretty stoked about the engagement, tweeting, “Flying high, I could literally touch the sky with you ...” She also Instagrammed an adorable picture of two little penguins holding hands, with the caption, “I love u @ryansweething :)”

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    People are still talking about Sunday's Emmy Awards. While the surprise winners and hilarious speeches (I'm looking at you Merritt Wever) are definitely points for discussion, not everyone is giving the telecast awards for awesomeness. See what I did there? Awards on awards on awards, son. But anyway -- back to the folks talking Emmy-smack -- Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy is chief among the broadcast's detractors.

    As the star of one of the most diverse shows on television, Ellen wasn't impressed. She spoke up about the white-washing of the show, which she thought was apparent. I quietly read all of her comments while nodding and saying "YES. THIS."

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    So full disclosure: As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (don't make fun of me, it's been a rough season), I was only able to watch a solid two minutes or so of the Emmys last night. But that doesn't mean I didn't check out who won -- and was legitimately shocked by the winners list this year. Upsets seemed to rule the evening.

    Thank goodness though Breaking Bad won for Best Drama Series since this is its last season. If you haven't tuned in, you really ought to immediately. It was the show's first win in the category, and it would have been borderline tragic had it not been recognized during its incredible five-season run.

    But then we have ... Jeff Daniels winning Best Actor for The Newsroom over Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)? Especially because Newsroom so far has been pretty meh and the other two seemed to be the only heavy players. As Daniels said when he went up to the podium:

    "Well, crap."

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    It's been over two months since Cory Monteith's untimely, tragic passing, yet his name is still making headlines, this time because of a controversy brewing in regards to the Emmy Awards. It seems that in addition to the "In Memoriam" segment, on Sunday, the Emmys will separately honor Cory, James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg, Jean Stapleton, and Jonathan Winters.

    And apparently this has some people very, very angry.

    Many commenters are saying Cory didn't have enough of a career to be honored with the other four on this list. They're pissed that Andy Griffith was passed over. And they're saying that the Emmys are glamorizing his OD by making such a huge deal in honoring the death of a druggie.

    Suffice to say: Wow, people on the Internet sure can be a bunch of insensitive jerks.

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    The 2013 Emmy nominations were announced, and Game of Thrones season 3 racked up a solid, impressive 16 of 'em. Yes, 16! Though American Horror Story is at the top with 17 nominations, it's clear that not only do the fans love Game of Thrones, the critics do as well (not like that makes much of a difference, but it's great to see such a fantastic show get this kind of recognition).

    Seriously, between Daenerys Targaryen's big moment, the Red Wedding, Jaime Lannister losing something very precious to him, a bear fight, Arya kicking ass, Jon Snow knowing nothing, come on, the Red Wedding ... this was a season to remember.

    You can see all the nominees here, but let's just take a moment to congratulate Peter Dinklage (supporting actor in a drama), Emilia Clark (supporting actress in a drama), and Diana Rigg (guest actress in a drama)! Some of the best characters Game of Thrones has to offer -- and that's saying a lot!

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    If you thought I was happy when I found out that season 3 of Downton Abbey would be starting on January 6, you weren't here when I found out the season 2 trailer of the HBO's Emmy award-winning show Girls was posted online today. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I know where I'll be Sunday, January 13, when the second season premieres. On this couch.

    I admit, just about every episode of the first season made me cringe in some way, but I just couldn't get enough. I remember being one of those awkward 20-somethings, fumbling through relationships and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Spoiler: Here I am!) And I just love Lena Dunham. I think she's smart, she's talented, and I can't wait to read her forthcoming book.

    So, in season 2, have Hannah and the crew made any progress since we saw them last?

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    Today on The Daily Stir, Adriana wants to talk about Heidi Klum's hot legs and Jimmy Kimmel's mysterious meltdown at the Emmys. But wait, there's more! Mitt Romney has something to say to women, so hope you're all listening 'cause you won't want to miss this. Check it out:

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