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    Uhhhhh, what? I know celebrities are kind of known for doing things unconventionally, but would you believe that at Ashlee Simpson's wedding to Evan Ross, she did not have her dad, Joe Simpson, walk her down the aisle?

    Yes, I'm serious. We can probably go ahead and assume he was in attendance, but for whatever reason, Ashlee chose to have her son Bronx give her away as opposed to her pops.

    And while the whole idea of her little man walking her down the aisle is kind of adorable, you gotta wonder if poor Joe felt like he got the shaft, being that dads typically do that sort of thing.

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    Well? It's official. Former New Kids on the Block heartthrob Donnie Wahlberg married Jenny McCarthy yesterday in St. Charles, Illinois, which just happens to be her hometown.

    The ceremony took place at Hotel Baker, a historic property, and yes, three of Donnie's old boy band members were in attendance. Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, and Jonathan Knight all managed to make the trip to support their friend, which is definitely more than we can say for Donnie's brother, Mark Wahlberg.

    (Seriously, can you believe he skipped out on the wedding? What the hell?)

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    Even though the engagement was super long and we thought for a minute that the wedding was never going to happen, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in a sweet ceremony that their kids were very much a part of. Because of our curiosity when it comes to everything Brangelina, we need to know what these wedding rings look like -- and we got a good look at Brad's.

    It's ... so Brad. Brad's wedding band was made by designer Robert Procop, which is curious only because I would assume that Brad and Angie would have somehow figured out a way to make it themselves. But I have a theory on that. Check out the ring.

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    Say what you want about Adam Levine, but the man is all kinds of in love with his wife Behati Prinsloo. Granted they are still newlyweds (they just celebrated one month), but Levine has never seemed happier or looked hotter. And for a man that likes to be a wise-ass sometimes, he sure has incredible things to say about getting hitched.

    In fact, anyone on the fence on whether or not they believe in marriage should read what he has to say on the matter. The reality is that marriage looks really good on Adam, and he's glowing and gloating about how it makes him feel and what has changed.

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    Now that we've all picked up our jaws from the ground at the news that Jennifer Lawrence is dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and accepted that it makes a lot of sense that he's into her (she is sort of the anti-Gwyneth Paltrow in terms of personality), we're left to wonder how he's winning her over.

    I mean ... she's super young and bubbly and freaks out with excitement over pockets in a ball gown and loves her french fries and Doritos, and Chris is ... well doesn't he always seem a little sad? I can't tell if it's the British or the musician in him, but dude comes across as a little angsty at times.

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    Britney Spears has had a charmed life in a lot of ways and a great many opportunities to continue her career -- years after some of her pop star peers moved on to other things. But she's never been lucky in love (ugh, Kevin Federline), and today the poor girl is hurting again.

    After finding "the one," Brit had to break up with boyfriend David Lucado for a totally terrible reason: video has surfaced that apparently shows him making out with another girl in someone's living room earlier this month. The couple dated for over a year, and it seems like he got close to her two sons, so naturally, this is a horrible breakup for the singer. And she let us know by posting a super-sad video on her Instagram that makes it clear she is hurting.

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    You know how Angelina Jolie has had an on again, off again relationship with her father Jon Voight over the years? Well it seems that they are very seriously on the outs these days, as he wasn't even invited to her very intimate wedding ceremony with Brad Pitt in France last weekend.

    Dang, I know a lot of brides these days question whether or not to let their dads walk them down the aisle, but to not even have him in attendance? It seems pretty harsh, Angie. And to top it off? Voight didn't even know about the nuptials until the news broke to the rest of the world.

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    Even though Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together for nine years, engaged for two, and, you know, have a litter of beautiful kids together, we were all very happily surprised to learn that they'd finally gotten married last weekend in France. But wait, should we really be that surprised that they kept this wedding such a secret?

    Celebrities -- well, those who don't need to make a living showing their lives to the public, anyway -- have been doing a very good job of getting married in private, with nary a paparazzo in sight. Sometimes we never even knew they were engaged (hello, Naya Rivera)! Here are our favorite stories of romantic, sneaky nuptials that happened on the DL.

    Which celebrity wedding surprised you the most?


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    Now introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Pitt. It's official, everyone! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married in a secret ceremony in Correns, France, this past Saturday, says a spokesperson for the couple.

    The small and private wedding was only attended by a group of friends and family, and the couple obtained their marriage license from, and were married by, a local California judge. Plus, in everyday Brangelina fashion, their kids were the main focus of the ceremony. According to the source, Jolie was escorted down the aisle by Maddox and Pax. Daughters Zahara and Vivienne threw the flower petals. And Shiloh and Knox were the couple's ring bearers.

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    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have transcended into our own version of royalty -- they are that incredible couple who can do no wrong and have a million kids and make it look effortless and amazing. They hold hands and give each other sweet looks and we all sigh. Despite any rocky roads that we went through in the past (ahem, Jennifer Aniston), everyone (well almost everyone and most definitely not Aniston) is in love with Brangelina. Which is why the latest on the dynamic duo is so worrisome.

    Brad and Angie are are making a new movie together.

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