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    Awards season and its star, the Oscars, are great for a number of reasons. For the style-obsessed, that walk down the red carpet is sure to provide some fabulous moments. There are the dresses so gorgeous we'll remember them forever, and then there are the looks we'll remember ... for other waaay less glamorous reasons. Over the years, there have been just as many cringe-worthy gowns as stunning ones. And with the 2014 Oscars this Sunday, we're sure to see a lot more of the good -- and the very, very bad.

    Strangely, it's the weird and outrageous takes on style that stay with us, maybe even more than the heavenly couture that floats down past the flashbulbs. It got me thinking: We're always looking to celebrities for inspiration when it comes to how we dress and style our hair. Why not see how the average person looks trying on their more, um, "unique" outfits?

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    Well, this is just straight up sad. (Or is it?) Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, was spotted trying to deliver a homemade Valentine and some candy to his daughter and her family at their home on February 14th, but instead wound up giving the gifts to her bodyguard in the parking lot of Whole Foods. Womp womp. The exchange has sparked rumors that perhaps the two, who finally reconciled a few years ago after their famous falling out in 2001, may be on the outs again.

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    You can tell the strength of a couple's love by the way they look at each other after six kids and almost 10 years together. You can really tell the strong feelings people have for each other when they wear matching tuxedos and still look longingly at their partner even after a not so attractive haircut.

    Such is the not so curious case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Still in love, lust, and happiness after all this Hollywood kind of time. Check out the look Angelina's giving Brad. It speaks volumes.

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    I'm pretty sure being insanely attractive is a prerequisite to be part of Hollywood's elite. But what happens when two hot and sexy stars link up? We're left with a couple so steamy, they make our screens sizzle.

    Star-powered couples exist all throughout Tinseltown, but only a select few are hot enough to keep our attention or make us wildly jealous of their spicy romances.

    This Valentine's Day, we're paying homage to some of Hollywood's most dynamic of duos. And fair warning: just looking at these pairs is sure to fog up some windows.

    Check out our slideshow below and let us know: did your favorite sexy couple make the list?

    Image via Splash News

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    We've seen Angelina Jolie globe-trotting lately and Brad Pitt hitting up the awards circuit recently, but the beloved, world-famous, happily eternally engaged couple known as Brangelina hadn't been photographed out and about together in months -- 'til now! The pair was snapped today arriving to the Shipwreck Bar & Grill in Airlie Beach, Australia. The lovebirds must've hooked themselves up with some childcare for their six kiddos so they could indulge in the (rare?) date night Down Under! How positively lovely!

    Granted, the power couple had to shake hands with fans on their way into the restaurant and wave at cameras, but still, it appeared to be a romantic occasion ... And it kinda goes without saying that, yeah, they looked gorgeous, because they're Brangelina.

    Could it be also that this little date night shed some light on the secret to their successful, almost decade-old love affair?

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    Not long ago, Sienna Miller graced the covers of many fashion and celeb mags and was as celebrated a style icon as fellow Brit Kate Moss. These days, she isn't exactly at the top of every casting director's list when they're trying to fill the many roles out there that call for blonde bombshells. Obviously, her good looks aren't hindering her chances of scoring more acting gigs, and at 32, she isn't exactly knocking on death's door. So what gives? 

    Well, if you ask Sienna, she ruined her own chances at becoming a bigger deal in Hollywood because of her "immoral" behavior. In an interview with Esquire U.K., she basically blamed her bad career on her former home-wrecking ways and insistence on frolicking with various hot actors. But ... but ... but ... this is Hollywood we're talking about! Why don't I feel morally offended by what I'm learning about her? Could there be another reason why Sienna isn't as big a star as, say, the always moral Angelina Jolie

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    It's been a little more than half a year since Angelina Jolie revealed that she's a carrier of the BRCA1 gene and had a preventative double mastectomy, but the "Angelina Jolie effect" can be felt stronger than ever, and it has some researchers all bent out of shape. Although Angelina's op-ed in the New York Times has encouraged more women than ever to seek genetic testing for the disease, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) says 9 out of 10 women should not receive the test.

    Basically, this is just a loud reaffirmation of a 2005 recommendation that only a limited number of women with a family history of breast cancer be tested for mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that can increase their cancer risk. Even then, the women who do have a family history are supposed to discuss the test with both a family doctor and a genetic counselor before having the genetic test.

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    It seems like the second Israeli model Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, rumors began to fly about how she and a certain male co-star will absolutely, definitely hook up based on the fact that ... they're both pretty, I guess?

    Yes, I'm talking about Ben Affleck, who will be playing Batman and working closely alongside Gal. According to reports, Ben's wife Jennifer Garner is NOT happy about this casting choice and doesn't trust Ben, who is the father of their three children and to whom she has been married since 2005.

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    Angelina Jolie is gorgeous -- we all know this. She tends to get the fashion thing right or at least get us all talking about her leg and she usually has Brad Pitt on her arm who is quite the sexy arm candy. (He's so much more than arm candy, but you know what I'm saying.)

    But for the Governors Awards, Jolie showed up with two handsome men as her date -- Brad Pitt and their 13-year-old son Maddox. I have to say, all eyes on Maddox in that tux! That side-swept hair! What a cutie!

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    Who wasn't absolutely petrified of the devil-horned Maleficent and her creepy bird in Sleeping Beauty when they were a kid? She even calls herself the "Mistress of All Evil" and is cruel enough to curse an infant so that she'd prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. How twisted can ya get? She's an iconic Disney villain, so everyone who's grown up watching Sleepy Beauty is probably pretty excited that they're devoting a film to this menacing witch. Starring Angelina Jolie, who can pull off those horns perfectly (quite a difficult feat for us normal folk, I'd imagine), the first trailer for Maleficent was released today.

    Hey, this villain's-point-of-view twist on a fairy tale worked well for Wicked, and this is Angelina's first time back onscreen since December 2010, when she starred in The Tourist. She'd make sure her big debut after a years-long hiatus would be a good one, right? From what we see of the trailer, I'd say she made an excellent choice.

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