The Marriage Ref - Jerry Seinfield's Hilarious New TV Show

I was pleasantly surprised after watching the first episode of The Marriage Ref last night after the Olympics. Not sure what I was expecting from Jerry Seinfield's new show, but it definitely wasn't this.


And, it completely took my mind off of the fact that U.S. lost in hockey just a few hours prior. Crosby who?

Hosted by Tom Papa, who is a hilarious stand-up comedian, the show features couples and their "dilemmas." Last night's episode consisted of a couple arguing over the husband creepily stuffing their recently deceased dog and another couple fighting about installing a stripper pole in the bedroom.

A celebrity guest panel deliberates (last night it was Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, and Jerry Seinfield), and tries to talk the host into swaying one way or the other on his decision of who wins. The prize: either the wife or husband being able to say "I was right!" And really, is there any prize sweeter than that? Oh, yeah, and all couples get to go on a cruise.

After the thirty minutes was up, I found myself wanting more. More silly one-liners, more banter, more ridiculous arguments. Luckily, the normal show lasts a whole hour and will be debuting their 60-minute edition this Thursday on NBC at 10pm.

Did you watch the show last night? What did you think of it?

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