10 Most Annoying Facebook Friends


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We all have at least a few of these Facebook friends on our list. And if you're one of them, immediately lower your head down in shame. And then quit what you're doing because you're annoying the hell out of people.

  1. The Bad Grammarist: Okay, so I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi (blame it on the day job) but statuses like this are just plain annoying: "thatny ya to all y lil friends who did their snow dance yayayay toast." I'm not even sure what this person is trying to say...and yes, this is straight off my Facebook newsfeed.
  2. The Constant Updater: You know you're one of these if you update your status more than 10 times a day. The world does not need to know that you're stuck in traffic. Or that you're now off to dinner with the girls. Or that now you're heading home after a long night.
  3. The Creeper: The guy you met for a split second the night before sends you a friend request. And you thought "why not?" and accept. But now he's "liking" everything you post and making comments on photos from 2007. Weirdo.
  4. The Massive Inviter: Please, take me off your list of invites to every ridiculous social event you know of. I wasn't interested in the first 30...take a hint.
  5. The Philanthropist: I'm sure you mean well, but I'd go broke if I donated to every single cause you sent my way.
  6. The Farmville Addict: I do not care that you found a lost pink cow on your virtual farm. You're crowding up my newsfeed from receiving valuable (albeit stalkerish) information about my friends.
  7. The Downers: People who only post when something really awful is going on in their lives. Buzz kill.
  8. The Kissy-Face: Those girls who, in every. single. picture. has the kissy-face. Totally annoying beyond the age of 14.
  9. The FMLers: "Just failed a quiz...fml." I'm pretty sure most of us have failed quizzes...chill, your life is not f****d.
  10. The Bore: Those people who post dull news articles on other people's walls. If I wanted to read about the political ongoings in Iraq, I'd read the NY Times.

What are some Facebook personalities that really irk you?

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momof... momoflilangel

the farmville requests drive me crazy. I don't play and don't want to.

aiden... aidensema

there is actually now a group thats called "i dont care about your farmville, fish world, mafia wars...ect."

i was thinking of joining. also the when you friend a husband and wife and all they do all day is send each other googly messages procaliming their love for each other as eternal. we get it, you love each other.

and the last one is.......the people who post big life changes on FB instead of actually picking up the phone to tell their loved ones that someone big happned in their lives.

ei: my older sister who bought a house and posted it to the world on FB, didnt even bother to tell me, and did bother to call my mom, who will live less than 5 minutes away from my sister when she moved into her new house this summer.

sodapple sodapple

there are a couple on the list that i have as friends =-( downers, addicts,constant updaters lol, i'm always missing the good stuff =-(

Daily... Daily Buzz Team

hah aidensema, I saw that group on there just this morning! I was like "hmm, perfect timing" lol

and yes, I've learned about friends' engagements, huge breakups, and pregnancies on Facebook...i'm like, "Why did I have to find out on the internet?!?!?!"

sstepph sstepph

The constant updaters about every single little thing that happens during the day.


LoriA... LoriAnn87

i agree with some of this but if you don't like the apps just block them.

RanaA... RanaAurora

There's also a group called "I don't CARE if you don't care about my farm, fish, etc."  Before they "fixed" Facebook, you could block updates from certain applications.  For people who DO play the games, those updates that annoy you so much help out others.  Just ignore them!

Kissy-face also known as duck-face.  There's whole websites dedicated to making fun of people who do it.

aiden... aidensema

aurora, there are also websites to make fun of FB status's like failbooking.com and lamebook.com


nmmama09 nmmama09

LOL RanaAurora! "Duckface" I'll start a new group called "Down with Duckface." 

A few of my friends are on that list. One of them ALWAYS starts off her post with "I'M in so much pain! I can't do this, I can't do that" At first I felt bad for her and would gush over her now I'm just like ok...maybe you should go to the doctor. Another friend is always quoting scripture....

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