The Best Movie Jerks

James Spader is the poster boy for movie jerks. Remember him in Pretty in Pink? The movie jerk is the guy we love to hate. The movie jerk is rich, handsome and very mean to the nerds and outsiders. GQ created a list of the dirty dozen movie jerks we all love to hate. Take a look at the list below and tell me what you think.


GQ's dirty dozen is heavy on '80s movies but I think it's a pretty good list:

1. Billy Zabka as Johnny Lawrence
The Karate Kid

2. Bradley Cooper as Zachary "Sack" Lodge
Wedding Crashers

3. James Daughton as Greg Marmalard
National Lampoon's Animal House

4. Eriq La Salle as Darryl Jenks
Coming to America

5. Robert Prescott as Cole Whittier
Bachelor Party

6. Ted McGinley as Stan Gable
Revenge of the Nerds

7. Matthew Glave as Glenn Guglia
The Wedding Singer

8. Craig Sheffer as Hardy Jenns
Some Kind of Wonderful

9. Craig Kilborn as Mark
Old School, 2003

10. Billy Zabka as Chas
Back to School

11. Michael Bowen as Tommy
Valley Girl

12. James Spader as Steff
Pretty in Pink

Out of this list, I think James Spader is the ultimate movie jerk. National Lampoon's Animal House movie jerk Greg Marmalard is my pick for the classic movie jerk.  Who do you think is the best jerk? Do you think there are any missing from the list?

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