The New Beauty and the Beast: Starlets Who Date Down!

Photo by: Michael Buckner/Getty

Beauty and the Beast is playing in Hollywood again. Why do beautiful movie stars who are loved by millions date jerks? I know every woman has at least one jerk in their past, so I'm not judging but it's perplexing that a woman like Anne Hathaway would be with a guy like Raffaello Follieri! The couple dated for over four years, she broke off the relationship just before Follieri was arrested and later sentenced to prison for fraud! Anne Hathaway is not alone, there are plenty of beauties in Hollywood who date beasts!


John Mayer appears to be a beast that beautiful celeb women can't live without. Maybe he has a magic spell? I can't fathom why Jennifer Aniston would get back with him after Mayer spilled his guts to the press when the couple broke up! Mayer treated other girlfriends badly and the guy just looks like a weasel. Call it a hunch but John Mayer is a poster child for cheating boyfriends!

After Britney and Justin broke up, she's went on downward dating (and marriage) spiral that we all hope she comes out of! Greg Behrendt, the author of He's Just Not That Into You, has some pretty harsh advice for women who date down! He says it better than I ever could but it boils down to being honest with yourself and seeing the relationship how it is now...not how you want it to be!

Maybe Anne, Jen and Brit should read the book!  Have you read the book?  What I really want to know is how many beasts you've had in your life? What did you do to kick the habit? Spill it, ladies!

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