Guilty Pleasure TV: What's Your Secret Shame?

Spill it ladies. We all have a TV show that we know is bad but we love to watch it! I know you told the ladies at the playgroup you only watch CNN and PBS. But behind closed doors, Entertainment Buzz knows you love to love The Hills or Dancing with the Stars! Tell me your guilty TV pleasure!


MamaLion82007 asked everyone to confess their secret TV shame.

MamaLion82007 got lots of responses to question, now I am asking the rest of you to 'fess up! Rock of Love and I Love New York are part of Mrs. Weezie's TV shame. She is not alone, ladies!

I'll tell you if you tell me. Paris Hilton's My New BFF is my secret TV shame. It's so bad, so wrong but I can't stop watching it. Paris Hilton's show is the TV version of a Hostess Ding Dong. I know it's bad but I eat it anyway. Now it's your turn.

Calling all Reality TV Junkies and closet TV junkies! I want to know what you watch when no one is looking!

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