Pop Culture Talk with a Mom Blogger


Photo by: IzzyMom

My friend Izzy is a famous blogger and green mom activist.  Izzy is also hilarious, shares my crush on Mark Wahlberg and doesn't make fun of me for my John Stamos obsession. If you like Etsy, green products and laughing, you'll love IzzyMom.


EB-Tell us about yourself!

Izzy-I write about life, culture, motherhood and whatever else is on my radar screen at IzzyMom. I also help parents go green and give away tons of great green gear over at Green Mom Finds. 

Entertainment Buzz Quickie with Izzy Mom

1.What is your favorite movie?

One movie I never, ever get tired of is You've Got Mail. But my most recent fave is the über-juvenile yet oh-so-hilarious Superbad.

2. What are your picks for must see TV?

Showtime trifecta of Californication, Weeds and Dexter but I'm also really digging Gossip Girl.

3. Most important pop culture phenomenon or event?
Oh, that's easy — The Twilight books!

Isn't she fabulous? She's too modest to tell you but she's also an author. Izzy is featured in the best-selling (and very funny) book, Sleep is for the Weak. 

Go by and say hi to Izzy on one of her blogs!  I'm addicted to her blogs and I especially like Green Mom Finds. Because I like being green...but I'm lazy. So I count on my friends like Cafe Sheri, Cafe Kristen and Izzy to find the good green stuff for me!


Photo by: Green Mom Finds



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