Tim Tebow's Controversial Pro-Life Superbowl Ad

Tim Tebow

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Unleash the fury! CBS plans on airing a pro-life commerical featuring former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow during this year's Superbowl. Ballsy move, CBS.

And here I am thinking that, ever since the Janet Jackson incident, network television has been playing it "safe" when it comes to the Superbowl.

In the ad, Tebow, an outspoken Christian, is shown with his mother, talking about how courageous she was to go through a difficult pregnancy even when the doctors advised her to have an abortion. The ad carries with it a pro-life message, even if it doesn't necessarily chastise anyone who is pro-choice.

As if I didn't already have enough reasons to dislike Tim Tebow (I'm a University of Tennessee girl, us and Florida don't exactly get along). I think taking a stand, regardless which way you go, should be a completely personal decision, and I think having it thrown in our faces during the most heavily watched program of the year is very bad taste.

I want to go back to talking babies, dancing reptiles, and clydesdales. Those are much more fun.

What do you think about the commercial? Do you think it's appropriate to air during the Superbowl? What if it was aired during regular television, would it be okay then?

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baref... barefootbchbum

I don't think they should be able to show commercials like that and I definitely don't think its appropriate for the Superbowl OR regular TV. At no point should my daughter, who is seven, see a commercial promoting pro-life or pro-choice. That is something she needs to learn about at home, not from some television commercial. I don't think an issue as strong as this should be put on TV. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, naturally, but this is just a bad idea.

Agent... AgentBrez

any way to get the pro-life message out there is good to me!

Doudy... Doudy2148

I'm all for it...we shouldn't be murdering innocent babies! They have no voice, so someone has to stand up for them. Plus, I think that it shows that  if you just hold out and have hope, your baby could be fine and go on to have a great life.

May-20 May-20

I think it's good that Tebow and his mother are courageous enough to talk publicly about her decision to carry her difficult pregnancy to term. I would much rather see a commercial like this during the Super Bowl than yet another one extoling the "virtues" of one brand of beer over another.

tigre... tigrefan98

If this were a graphic or bloody ad depicting the gruesome act of abortion, then I would say it's inappropriate for a mainstream ad.  But one person - a football player no less - discussing his family's personal story seems perfectly appropriate to me, and courageous too.


nonmember avatar April

To me, this article is not worthy of writing about unless it is from a positive angle. What I read between these lines is a need to spark controvercy and highlight sports rivalries...hidden in an article bashing an athelete for his pro-life beliefs. If it is important that people be allowed to "take a stand" on their personal position, then this should be fine - that is exactly what Tebo is doing. I can't see anything wrong with this; a positive message is put forth without chastizing anyone who may believe differently, which is both respectful and commendable. It just makes me wonder if the commercial hits home with a guilty concience... but that's another topic. If a young girl happened to see the ad and ask questions, this would be an opportune time to open the floor to (some very age appropriate) discussion on the matter. There is no better time to guide our children then when they themselves ask for direction-- otherwise they will seek answers from other sources. What do you want your children to know about this subject? What ever that is, parents should prepare themselves to discuss things such as this so their children can be guided in the appropriate way.

wanita61 wanita61

It's perfectly alright to air. Tim Tebow's mother was pro-choice...She chose life!  All those so-called pro-choice people are really pro-abortionists!  I just don't get it. Why is it when someone is murdered, the killer is put to trial and eventually put on death-row. But when a baby is murdered, the pro-abortionists not only get away scot-free, they are so viciously promoting the heinous act!

candl... candlegal

I think it is a fabulous idea to air this during the superbowl.  Kudos to them.

Liythia Liythia

I think that the ad is absolutely wonderful. Why is it, when there is something pro-life that is put out there (when it isn't even gruesome like they could be), all the people who are in-between or pro-choice make such a big deal about it. Whether a young girl sees this ad or not, she will make her own decisions about what she thinks is right or wrong. Instead of making such a fuss about a football player and his mother's point of view, you should be more concerned about other things that your children are seeing during the superbowl. IMO ads that are played during the superbowl aren't child appropriate at all, even for teenagers. Why don't we gripe about the ads that are promoting alcohol consumption or sex?? but we won't do that because its ridiculous, right? or if we do, we're anal or over controlling of our kids and sheltering them...........I think the ad is wonderful and should be aired during normal tv hours. It's a commercial I would want my child seeing.

auror... aurorabunny

I wonder what gives people the delusion that they are so important that millions of people who are just trying to watch a football game would give two craps about their opinion. It's pretty comical really.

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