Top 20 Entertainment Stories of 2009

There have been a lot of entertainment stories that have kept mamas buzzing in the past year.


Jon & Kate, with their up-and-down marriage turning into a divorce, made up the majority of hot topics.

Here are the top 20 stories that were most talked about in Entertainment Buzz this past year:

  1. Jon & Kate Plus 8: does the Kate Hate Go Too Far?
  2. Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Premiere
  3. Jon & Kate Plus 8: Divorce Rumors? What Do You Think?
  4. Jett Travolta Dies, Son Of John Travolta And Kelly Preston
  5. Angelina Finds Brad Giving Nanny Massage: What Would You Do?
  6. The Snuggie: Where Do You Stand in the Great Debate?
  7. The Smurfs: Did You Watch This Cartoon?
  8. Why Do Moms Love Twilight?
  9. More Jon & Kate Gosselin Drama
  10. Rihanna and Chris Brown Together Again: What Do You Think?
  11. Betty Hayes: Mom of 10, Star of New Reality Show on TLC
  12. Top 7 Butterbodies List: Insulting to Women?
  13. Jon & Kate Plus 8: Divorce and Season 5?
  14. Jon & Kate Dad Affair Confirmed?!
  15. Kelly Clarkson Weight Debate: What Do You Think?
  16. Josh Duggar is Going to Be a Daddy & More Celebrity Gossip
  17. Would You Ever Call for Help from Supernanny?
  18. CSI: Which One is Your Favorite?
  19. Who Was Your Teen Heartthrob?
  20. Margaret Cho Says Miley Cyrus is a Disgrace! What Do You Think?

What was your favorite subject in Entertainment Buzz this year?

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