The Snooki Punch

Tonight, MTV is airing the episode of Jersey Shore that originally included the infamous "Snooki Punch."


The attack has been cut from the episode, but that hasn't kept it from being blasted all over the internet.

Brad Ferro, a New York City gym teacher, was arrested after knocking Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, 21, to the floor at a bar in NJ. Ferro was suspended from his job and later enrolled in an anger management course. He has released an apology, saying, "I deeply regret what happened. Nobody deserves that. That was not the real Brad Ferro."


Here's what some moms are saying about the punch and MTV's decision to pull it:

guam_mama: It's never right for a man to hit a woman, but some women beg for it...

abbynzachsmommy: There are so many women who think that they can get up in guys' faces, throw their hands in the face, and curse them out with no repercussion. Well, she found out otherwise. I can't say that I blame him for decking her, I probably would have, too. Although it's never appropriate for a man to hit a woman, if there was a time IMO this would be one.

MzSeXyC: I really could care less if they show it on the show or not. They are doing a "reality" show. It's reality if a b**** acts stupid in a bar, she may get hit.

BaisMom: I really don't think she deserved that. Cursed out? Yeah, probably, but not decked in the face like that. Either way, they should air it. They air all sorts of other stuff, and it would be good for ratings if they did.

What do you think about the punch? Think she deserved it or do you believe, under no circumstances whatsoever, that a man should hit a woman? Is MTV smart to cut it from the episode?

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