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Mark Wahlberg, Peter Jackson

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Mark Wahlberg and The Lovely Bones director Peter Jackson

I had the opportunity to chat with cutie  Mark Wahlberg about his upcoming movie, The Lovely Bones which hits nationwide today:


Entertainment Buzz: First off, congratulations to you and your wife Rhea on your soon-to-be addition to your family. Are your other kids excited about having a new baby sister?

Mark Wahlberg: Thanks, yeah, she's due next month. Ah, well, yeah they are (laughs) but they also want their attention, too.

Edit note: Rhea just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl earlier this week!

EB: So, for The Lovely Bones. Did you read the book before the script?

MW: No I didn't. I read the script first, and then I figured it would do me good to read the book afterwards.

EB: Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare. Was it challenging for you as a father to take on this role?

MW: Oh definitely. It was the one thing that I wasn't looking forward to, going to that place emotionally. Because it's just not a fun place to be but that's obviously what it entailed.

EB: How was it working with director Peter Jackson? How was his directing different from others you've worked with?

MW: It was awesome. He's such a sweet guy. He's so talented, knows exactly what he wants. He gives you a lot of freedom to bring things to the table and try different things.

EB: How was it working with the rest of the cast: Saoirse, Rachel, and Stanley?

MW: Fantastic. Everyone is so talented. Everybody was just really excited to work with Peter and his vision.

EB: How are your parenting styles different from your character's, Jack Salmon's?

MW: Jack is a sweet guy, obviously he love his kids. He does his job because he has to put food on the table but he'd rather be home every day playing with them. I'm very similar in that way. I'm working hard now so in the future I don't have to. I can just spend time with my kids.

EB: What were some of the most difficult scenes to shoot?

MW: The emotional stuff was really difficult because you had to go to that place. The fun stuff was great because you just go in there and there's a lot of laughing and smiling and playing with the kids. But the emotional stuff, that was nerve-racking.

Some moms sent in some questions for me ask Mark and he answered those as well:

trentntats: What motivated him to take on this role?

MW: Getting the opportunity to work with Peter. He's such a talented guy.

Anonymous mom: What does he think of famous people being put on a pedestal as role models for today's youth?

MW: I think the role models are more the parents and the teachers and the people that are committed to doing good and helping people, all the unsung heroes out there. I don't want my kids looking up to anybody other than the people that are really committed and dedicated to helping other people.

Cafe Elizabeth: What's the most rewwarding project you've worked on thus far?

MW: I have to say The Fighter, the movie I just finished. It was so difficult to get made, it took such a long time and it was, physically, the most demanding thing I've ever done. But the movie turned out to be really good, it's going to be really special. It's coming out sometime next year.

Hollylynn13: What are some other projects that you're currently working on?

MW: Right now, I'm shooting a buddy-comedy with Will Ferrell called The Other Guys. 

A big thank you to Mark for taking the time to chat with me about his new movie, The Lovely Bones, hitting theaters on January 15.

What's your favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?

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