Election Day Jitters? Chill Out and Have Good Laugh!

Election Day is a serious day and emotions are running high.  There are some awesome women here on CafeMom that have a great perspective on the election. Republican or Democrat, take a few minutes to read some posts and links I've gathered!


You have to read aurorabunny today!  Her post is fabulous, funny and made me laugh.  To give you a preview, here is aurorabunny's prediction of things that will not happen after the election, no matter what the outcome:

I don't think that everyone walking down the street in America will suddenly explode with gayness and start marrying household appliances.

I heart this post! Spread it around! Then, visit Baby Buzz and go make a baby with Brad Pitt! Cafe Suzanne made a baby with Brad this morning and you can too! I am making my baby with George Clooney!

Nothing gets your mind off politics like a good discussion about SEX! Healthy Living Buzz gives you 3 Ways Women Can Have Orgasms.  Thank you Kristen! I believe I'll have one of those!

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