Matt & Amy Roloff: Heading Towards Divorce?

Uh oh. Looks like there might be Roloff divorce on the horizon.

Lots of moms are beginning to speculate that Matt and Amy Roloff, from the hit reality TV show Little People, Big World are having some marital problems and may be heading in the same direction as Jon and Kate.


I hate seeing families being torn apart, especially when it's splattered all across national television! Here's what some of the moms are saying in Answers:

Rebecca75: Looks like they are having a tough time now days. I think Matt needs to communicate with Amy before making big decisions without her. I hope they do not divorce, I hope they would get some counseling first if needed. But who truly knows, maybe they are doing just fine. But it does seem like Amy is more vocal about their relationship now days.

myangel21: Yes, I think they are. I think Amy should divorce him. All he does is waste their money and he does everything behind her back. He never asks or tells her about anything.

Pnukey: I really think they will work through any problems they have. Amy is frustrated. Matt is frustrated, but they're not quitters. They just have to adjust, together, to their new lives with adult kids and different new goals.

Do you think Matt and Amy are heading towards a divorce or do you it's just TV making it look worse than it is?


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