Holiday Music for Yule, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa

dancing baby

Photo by JayGirlsMom

Dancing to holiday music!

During the month of December, I play my holiday music constantly up until Christmas Day every year.


We do celebrate Christmas in my household, but this year I'd like to add a few songs from other holiday traditions as well. So, obviously, I looked no further than CafeMom for suggestions:

Yule Music:

  • outstandingLove: I know of one song called Santa Clause is Pagan, Too. I love it.
  • ecodani: Dar Williams has a cute song called The Christians and The Pagans.

Chanukah Music:

  • The Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler (this is one of my favorites!).
  • Marcotte67: What is Chanukah? by Tula Lee. It fills a big void in the holdiay song landscape!

Kwanzaa Music:

  • Celebrating Kwanzaa by Marla Lewis
  • The Seven Principles album by Cobb/Chavunduka is stocked with catchy Kwanzaa tunes.

Do you have any suggestions for music from these (or other) traditions? What's your favorite holiday songs?  

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