What Happened to Customer Service?

broken phone

R.I.P. iPhone

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my iPhone suffered some damage but still worked.

Well, this weekend it died (perfect timing, right? Sheesh). And let me just say, I have had the worst experience with AT&T and Apple customer service. Not just on the phone but in stores as well.


Before switching to AT&T, I had Verizon and always had a pleasurable experience with their customer service. I made the switch strictly to get the iPhone, and if it wasn't so darn cool, I'd switch back in a heartbeat.

As a consumer, I really appreciate good customer service and it seems to severely lack nowadays. And because of that, I try to choose my products based on my past experiences. For example, I refuse to get Dell products anymore because I don't enjoy listening to elevator music for 40 minutes before I can finally reach someone on the phone.

I'm seriously debating on whether I should just cancel my account and go elsewhere. Darn you Apple and your cool phones!

Have you ever experienced really bad (or really good) customer service? What was your experience like? Did that determine your decision to use that company's products in the future?

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