American Music Awards and Adam Lambert's Shocking Performance

I watched the American Music Awards last night, but after Adam Lambert's, er, interesting performance at the end of the night, it's hard to recall anything else that happened before that. It's like it's scorched into my memory. And that's definitely not a good thing!


The former American Idol runner-up's performance was downright raunchy in my opinion. Am I being a prude? The guy was grinding people's faces into his crotch area, flipping the bird, and making out with members of the band, while dancers danced around in costumes that looked like they belonged in some S&M fetish club.

Ick. Okay Adam Lambert, we see you. Just please, no more of that.

Other highlights worth talking about:

Lady Gaga's performance was probably the second-most talked about. While performing Speechless from her new album, she smashed glass bottles while straddling a piano bench. And of course, her outfit did not disappoint for our expectations of Gaga's style.

Taylor Swift (man, is she having a great year or what?!) and Michael Jackson were the big winners of the night. Taylor picked up five awards including Artist of the Year and Michael won four awards which brought his total to 25, breaking the previous record set at 23.

While performing Louboutins from her album that drops in January, Jennifer Lopez dropped as well, literally, right on stage. Poor girl. I thought she looked great though!

Did you watch the American Music Awards? What did you think of the winners and performances? What did you think about Adam Lambert's performance?

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