Sneak Peek of Holiday Episodes


Though I'm pretty sure there's no way the shows today can top the Friends Thanksgiving episodes, I'm still pretty excited to see what they have in store.


Buzz Sugar has some sneak peek photos from the upcoming holiday episodes of our favorite shows:

On How I Met Your Mother, Lily's dad, played by Chris Elliott, shows up...perhaps we'll find out why they aren't on speaking terms.

Seattle Grace staff sit down together to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Christina is sitting right smack dab between Owen and Teddy...can we say awkward?

The ladies on Wisteria Lane are decorating a tree together, and, they look happy? You know that doesn't last long.

And it looks like Travis brings home a girlfriend for Thanksgiving on Cougar Town. Hmm...wonder how Jules is going to handle that.

What holiday episodes are you looking forward to watching?

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