Why Do Moms Love Twilight?


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What is it about Twilight? What makes middle-aged women swoon over this teenage romance?

For me, it's the perfect combination of romance and fantasy. Other CafeMoms weigh in on why they love Twilight:

sweetheart1985: I love Stephanie Meyer's writing style. Call me childish, but I do! I love being inside Bella's head. You really feel what she's feeling. And in a way, I think most women can relate to her. We've all had that ONE guy that we just wanted so much when we were teenagers. For most of us, that didn't happen (lol), so it's awesome to read about it happening.

wildflowers25: I love the new spin put on something I thought had nothing new left anymore. The forbidden love and romance aspect really got me hooked but also the feud between the vampires and wolves and how I didn't always know what would happen next.

daisycat78: Forbidden love isn't it? Being with someone you're not meant to is sexy!It's dangerous!

kenzie07:  I love the dialogue in the Twilight books. It's not like an author just describing a set of characters and everything in the environment, it's actually dialogue and an exciting story! I can visualize every detail without Stephanie Meyer writing all of her descriptives on a page.

AMom29: I loved it because I connected with Bella. I remembered all those feelings from being a teenager in lust/love. It remindsme of a simpler time where all I had to worry about is if the guy liked me back or not.

Twilightmoon: I love Twilight because of the story behind it. It has kept me going through family illnesses and losses. Seeing Bella go through heartbreak but find her way back to her true love gave me some hope. It is the first book(s) that I actually see myself there as I read.

And since it's a favorite amongst moms and their teenage daughters, I wonder if the reasoning behind the "obsessions" are the same for both groups? Cafe Cynthia is exploring why your teens love Twilight in Big Kids on Sunday, be sure to check it out!

So tell me, why do you love Twilight?

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Octob... Octobersmom

I think it brings us back to that time in our life when love was new.  Also, while we would never give up what we have now ,such as our kids and dh's, it reminds of what it was like to be that free. To have the whole world infront of us and to have to make those all important life decisions (though Bella's choice or life or death, mortality or immortality are a bit more drastic than what to major in at college).  Plus Stephenie is a master stroyteller. She may not be a falwless novelist but she knows how to draw you in and keeep you there.

PinkS... PinkSodaPop

I like it because I can relate to the feelings of love,  discovering yourself, and all that entails.

It's a beautiful story of love, and of acceptance.

Solera Solera

I love Twilight because of the mystery in the beginning about who the Cullens where how Bella just couldn't stop staring at them.  I love it because of the whole forbidden romance, and teen angst thing.  I love how Edward has to fight the thing he feels the most, which is to bite Bella because of the way her scent attracts him, and how he eventually overcomes it enough to save her at the end of Twilight by sucking the venom from James's bite from her blood.  I love that Bella in turn saves Edward right back in New Moon, and that from then on they are inseperable.  I love that they ended up together and that in the end of story, they end up fighting for a common goal, and are left in peace to live out their happily ever after.  The only thing I wish was there, was the happily ever after story, and that of Jacob and Renesmee.

auror... aurorabunny

I could not be less interested in the whole Twilight thing.  So I want to know the answer too LOL.

Annab... Annabel1809Lee

I HATE TWILIGHT!! Vampires do not sparkle and cannot go out in the sun. Why would a vampire be dating a 17 year old anyway? Don't even get me started on that girl... If you can date a vampire you should be able to defend yourself! Get a gun for god's sake! Twilight is the worst literary tragety! Teen girls need better role models, and if they want a vampire book they need some Anne Rice, or better yet Dracula! Please give your daughters (and yourselves) some REAL literature!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Personally, I think Stephanie Meyer is an immature, poor author.  Her writing style is very underdeveloped, and her plots REALLY need work.

That said, I read all 4 books and 250 pages of the rough draft (which she's taken down to what, 25 pages online?) in three days.

As much as I think she's a BAD writer with a lot of problems in her story-making, the books were incredibly addictive!  I do think I enjoyed some of the useless back-and-forth that most people skip over.

Hali_... Hali_Taylor

what ranaAurora said. 

Cenchan Cenchan

I don't. I find it an excellent example on how to butcher the English language and letting a thesaurus write half your story.

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