Why Do Moms Love Twilight?


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What is it about Twilight? What makes middle-aged women swoon over this teenage romance?

For me, it's the perfect combination of romance and fantasy. Other CafeMoms weigh in on why they love Twilight:


sweetheart1985: I love Stephanie Meyer's writing style. Call me childish, but I do! I love being inside Bella's head. You really feel what she's feeling. And in a way, I think most women can relate to her. We've all had that ONE guy that we just wanted so much when we were teenagers. For most of us, that didn't happen (lol), so it's awesome to read about it happening.

wildflowers25: I love the new spin put on something I thought had nothing new left anymore. The forbidden love and romance aspect really got me hooked but also the feud between the vampires and wolves and how I didn't always know what would happen next.

daisycat78: Forbidden love isn't it? Being with someone you're not meant to is sexy!It's dangerous!

kenzie07:  I love the dialogue in the Twilight books. It's not like an author just describing a set of characters and everything in the environment, it's actually dialogue and an exciting story! I can visualize every detail without Stephanie Meyer writing all of her descriptives on a page.

AMom29: I loved it because I connected with Bella. I remembered all those feelings from being a teenager in lust/love. It remindsme of a simpler time where all I had to worry about is if the guy liked me back or not.

Twilightmoon: I love Twilight because of the story behind it. It has kept me going through family illnesses and losses. Seeing Bella go through heartbreak but find her way back to her true love gave me some hope. It is the first book(s) that I actually see myself there as I read.

And since it's a favorite amongst moms and their teenage daughters, I wonder if the reasoning behind the "obsessions" are the same for both groups? Cafe Cynthia is exploring why your teens love Twilight in Big Kids on Sunday, be sure to check it out!

So tell me, why do you love Twilight?

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