Spotlight: CafeMom Twilight Group Parties!

Who's ready for a Twilight party? I am!! To get us through this last day before the movie is finally released, some of the Twilight groups here on CafeMom are celebrating with Twilight parties!

Saucy1, group owner of New Twilight Fans, is hosting a Twilight-themed party in her group open to all CafeMom members. It starts today and runs through November 22nd. There will be tons of fun games, discussions on the upcoming movie, and some really awesome siggies.
There's also a party running until December 1st in the Fans of Stephenie Meyers and Her Twilight Series group. Group owner Octobersmom is hosting and says, "We have several games including a game to make your own Edward, funny videos, and a thread to request a picture of yourself to be edited to look like a vampire."
I asked these two Twilight fans to share some info about themselves:
When are you planning to see the movie?
Saucy1: I didn't buy my tickets early, so I'll watch it sometime Friday evening, fingers crossed. I plan on going in the morning to get my tickets.
Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Octobersmom: I am known as the "Original Wolf Girl." My heart belongs to Team Jacob.
What did you think of the first movie?
Saucy1: The first movie was good. It was nice to put a face to the characters in the book. I watch it all the time.
What are your expectations for New Moon?
Octobersmom: I think that it will blow Twilight out of the water with the special effects.  I plan to fall in love with Jake all over again.
Be sure to check out these two groups and the fun parties going on in them!
Are you doing anything special in anticipation of the movie?
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