Casting of Twilight: Do You Think It's Perfect?

TwilightWhat would Twilight be without Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner? Would Bella be as good of a "Bella Swan" and would Edward be able to live up to the "Edward Cullen" in the books?


The ladies in the Twilight: No Holds Barred (ADULT Discussion of the Saga) group held some discussions on the casting choices and had some interesting responses:

xxLukesMamaxx says, "I really wish they would have considered Alexis Bledel for the part. I kind of thought of her as I read the books."

Quadmom2005 can't picture anyone else other than Rob playing Edward, "If asked before I saw the movie, I would have said Tom Welling. He has to be the prettiest man on the planet with absolutely perfect features. Not the sexiest, but definitely the prettiest. So..dunno, maybe him if I were imagining someone in the role BEFORE Rob nailed it.

Alliesmom_07: "When it first came out, I said toa  friend of mine that Hayden Christensen would have been a good Edward. I think that he would have the ability to be all broody and sexy."

The producer of New Moon, Wyck Godfrey, gives us some insight on the casting process and how they were able to find the perfect Bella and Edward.

Check out the interview here.

What do you think about the cast's chemistry? Do you think Kristen, Robert, and Taylor are a good Bella, Edward, and Jacob? If not, who do you think would have been a better pick?

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