What Magazines Do You Read?

People magazine

Photo from People

I used to subscribe to several magazines: Domino, People, Cosmopolitan and a couple of others. But between the bad economy and magazines folding, I now get zero subscriptions in my mailbox.


I figure, most of the content is online anyways, right? So I'm not really missing out on much. And if something really piques my interest, I'll pick up a copy of the issue at the store.

Albi1623 asked moms in Answers what magazines they subscribe to.

elainecat: I get four: Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping and Star. I like Redbook the best. I've actually been reading it since high school, over 20 years.

AprilDJC: I love the ones I get: Cooking Light, Redbook, Better Homes & Garden, and OK Magazine. I also enjoy Woman's Day, Family Circle, and the other celeb magazines.

kristal2146: We get Parenting, Parents, Early Educator Today, Family Circle, Pregnancy and Newborn, Child (well until they went out of biz), and Scrapbooking.

Do you subscribe to a magazine? Which magazines do you read on a regular basis?

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