Taylor Swift's SNL Clip: Funny or Offensive?

Taylor Swift

Photo from SNL/NBC

When I came across the discussion about Taylor Swift's Monologue Song on SNL in The Newcomer's Club, I had to check it out for myself.

Click here to watch the video.


Some moms are saying they found it offensive when she used the term "douche bag" in her song. But others are in agreeance that it was appropriate since this show is clearly geared to the adult audience.

For me personally, I found it hilarious! I think Taylor's adorable and was horrified when Kanye West messed up her shining moments at the VMAs earlier this year. Glad to see she was able to give a little punch back!

Mamie_85: Good for her, making the jump from sugary sweet teenage pop-country to the adult world. It was funny and SNL is an adult show that's on when most children are asleep.

MamaBloom777: I thought she did a great job! And too funny! SNL can be offensive to oversensitive people. But they should just know that going in and not watch. She could've said much worse than "douche bag." LOL! I was kinda proud of her!"

mom2myangelboy: I love Taylor Swift. This is a program for an adult audience so no, I have no problem with anything that was said. She spoke of all the things that she has been asked in interviews in the past. Now if this were on the Kids' Choice Awartds then yes, it would be innappropriate but this is an adult-oriented porgram.

Tell me what you think? Did you find the skit funny or offensive?

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