You Know You're a Twilight Fan If...


You know you're a Twilight fan if...

  1. Every time you see a silver volvo you smile to yourself (and secretly hope its Edward that steps out)
  2. When you tell your SO he is your Edward and expect him to take it as a huge compliment.
  3. Forks, Washington is on your list of places to travel to.
  4. When you compare your everyday life to the books.
  5. You've named your children Edward, Jacob, Bella, Alice, Jasper, etc...
  6. You refer to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart not as their names but as Edward and Bella.
  7. You leave your bedroom window open...just in case.
  8. You've acquired a sudden fascination with motorcyles.
  9. Your vocabulary has significantly heightened.
  10. Before making a decision, you think, "What would Bella do?"
  11. When you hear a piano playing, your heart skips a beat.
  12. You look at your doctor and think, Carlisle’s better.”
  13. Your friends were forced into reading Twilight just to know what you were talking about all the time (and now they're checking this list, too).
  14. When you find yourself going through the exact same emotions as Bella while reading the books.
  15. When you watch/read other vampire shows/books and say that those vampires are obviously not real because they don't sparkle in the sunlight.

Be honest, how many of these have you done? Share your own "You know you're a Twilight fan if..." statement!

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