Broken But Works: Do You Replace the Electronic?

Broken iPhone

My poor iPhone

A little over a month ago, a lady (who was clearly, ahem, not sober) slammed into me on the sidewalk, causing me to drop my phone onto the hard concrete. That's it in the picture. Ouch, right?


Thanks to Apple's lovely no insurance policy, I can't get it replaced and it will cost me approximately $200 to have the screen fixed. It works perfectly fine, and I don't really have that kind of money to be spending on something that works, so I haven't gotten it fixed yet.

I get the "ooo, that looks like it hurt," and "wow, that's what I call a dropped call," all the time from strangers....yeah, thanks, you're hilarious Mr. Man on the Subway.

I don't get what the big deal works! Sure it looks bad, but are aesthetics really that important?

If an electronic device you own is broken but still works, do you still go ahead and get a new one or get it fixed, or do you just hold out until it goes completely dead?

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