Survivor TV Show Location: What's Your Suggestion?

Survivor TV Show

Photo from Survivor/CBS

The contestants on Survivor have seen some pretty fantastic places. Africa, Australia, China! If it wasn't for the physical torture they go through, I'd sign up just to hang out on a tropical island somewhere!


In the Reality TV Junkies group, mommaspride asks moms what location they would suggest for Survivor.

momof3angela says, "I'd love to say Alaska. It's always somewhere warm for very obvious reasons. Would love to see them have to survive colder elements."

Ooo, that would be a good season!

Bleacheddecay thinks they should stick with what works, "I like the tropical or hot locations. I think they've done great so far. So continuing in the same fashion would work for me."

Maybe they should film it in my's definitely hard to survive there on some days! LOL!

Where would you suggest Survivor be filmed at?

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