V Is Coming Back to TV!

V visitors

Photo from ABC

Back in 1983, there was a miniseries called V that scared the living begeezus out of me. V is for visitors -- aka extra-terrestrials, aliens, beings from another planet. It's the kind of film that scares me the most and it's airing on ABC on November 3rd.

Give me blood and gore and I may scream. But show me something from the unknown, be it paranormal or alien, and I am rattled to the core.

Oh I cannot wait!


Four episodes will air starting on the 3rd and then the series will take a break and be back in March.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) and Scott Wolf (Bailey from Party of Five) are two of the stars.

Wow...I just remembered the twins born on the original V -- one was human, the other was alien!

V airs November 3rd on ABC, 8pm/7central. Will you be watching?


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