Tyra Banks Is Kim Kardashian for Halloween

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Tyra Banks Nigel Barker

Photo from The Tyra Banks Show

On today's Tyra, Tyra Banks is dressing up as a few different celebrities -- one of them being Kim Kardashian.

Not too far a stretch, I think.

Both women are sexy and curvy. And both of them always look great. Though Tyra gets to work closely with the gorgeous Nigel Barker. And Kim dates the adorable Reggie Bush.


One year, my friend Tina dressed up as Beth, the wife from Dog the Bounty Hunter. This was a stretch since Tina looks nothing at all like her, but she pulled it off with a wig and amazing costume. Total transformation.

Another year, back when MySpace was at it's height of popularity, my friend wanted to go as Tila Tequila and her boyfriend was going to be Tom, you know, Mr. MySpace himself. They never pulled the costumes together....

If you had a chance to roleplay this Halloween and dress up like a celebrity, which one would you be?


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