Do You Go To the Movies Alone?

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My mom and I were talking last night about movies that we'd like to see. We're both excited to catch New Moon when it comes out next month. But, unfortunately, since we live 200 miles apart, we can't go see it together. I will probably go see it, but she probably won't. Here's why...


I will happily go see the movie by myself. Since I had kids, I've found unexpected pleasure in going to the movies alone. I love going into the darkened theater, settling into the comfy chair, and knowing nobody will disturb me for the next two hours. Sometimes I even buy myself some Junior Mints to munch on.

As much as I love my husband and love seeing movies with him, babysitters are expensive and I'd rather get one so we can go out to dinner and actually talk (something we don't always find a lot of time for nowadays) instead of sitting silently next to each other. If there's a movie we both really want to see, we've been known to arrange movie days where one of us will catch the 1pm show while the other watches the kids then we'll swap so the other can go to the next showing of the movie. This way we still get to discuss the movie together.

But, my mom is a different story. She's never gone to the movies by herself. No matter how much she wants to see a movie, she can't get over her uneasiness about going to go to the movies alone. I think she worries she'll see someone she knows and they'll think she's lonely or friendless. So far I've been unable to convince her to put her anxiety aside and just try it.

How about you -- do you go to the movies alone? Any advice for someone scared to do it?

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