Dysfunctional Family Holiday Letter Generator

Halloween is over, that means the holiday season is almost upon us! Family trips to Grandma can be great but also stressful! In honor of the holidays, I want to share one of my favorite holiday websites,the dysfunctional family letter generator!


You know the holiday letters you receive from the perfect families? The letters that tell you in detail about their perfect kids who just got a free ride to Yale or that the family just went on on vacation to their second home in Hawaii? 

If you have a high school friend who sends you perfect holiday letters, you will love the Dysfunctional Family Letter website!  I know we really can't send the letters we create on this website but I can dream a little, can't I?

Note: I send holiday letters to my extended family and friends. I am not making fun of people who send holiday letters. It's just that everyone I know gets at least one perfect holiday letter from a distant cousin or high school friend! How about you? Do you get at least one perfect holiday letter from far away?

The photo is from Fabulous Stationery.com, check out their store for fun holiday cards.

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