America's Next Top Model: Who Got the Boot?

Photo by: ANTM/The CW

America's Next Top Model addict Cafe MicheleZ was kind enough to recap the latest episode. I held the ANTM scoop until today because of all the Halloween hoopla.


America’s Next Top Model: Who Got The Boot?

OK, maybe I should say who got the clog since they are in Amsterdam.

After modeling clothes in the Red Light District, which is supposedly being made over to be more about style than skin, Sheena proved to be the weakest. Mckey and Sam won the challenge so got a ton of extra frames on their big shoot the next day. Although, I don’t agree. I think their modeling was kind of boring. I’m really loving Analeigh and I don’t see Elina being as mean as some of the girls make her out to be. I mean: ugly on the inside? They barely know her. I don’t care much for Sam, but have to say that she takes a fierce photo.  Sheena is gone! Did I call that from last week or what?

Now we’re down to the final five! Gasp! Who’s next to go? Tyra’s shooting them for next week…I’m going to guess it’s Elina (because she won’t even be able to “let go” like they tell her even with Ms. Banks) or Sam…um, just because. Who do you think will be sent packing next time?

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