LOL Weekend Links: Cake Wrecks, Hangover Theatre


Winston the Cat as E.T. for Halloween! I saw this picture on Cute Overload and had to share it. Winston is the perfect introduction for my LOL Weekend Links!


Canadians crank call Sarah Palin.

Have you seen Cake Wrecks? It's a blog dedicated to professional cakes gone horribly wrong.

Finally, my friends at Pajiba have a hilarious feature called Hangover Theatre. They review various Saturday/Sunday afternoon and evening cable movies that are the perfect cure for a weekend hangover, LOL!  As a mom, I know that hangovers from drinking are not the only kind of hangovers that exist. I can prove that there are laundry hangovers, chocolate hangovers and even 5th grade report hangovers! I know you can too!

Even if your days of getting hangovers are over, you should check out Pajiba's Hangover Theatre reviews to pick out a movie for a lazy Sunday!




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