CafeMom Group Spotlight: The Halloween Tree

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I'm part of the House of Frankenstein Team!

I have dubbed Angela, aka harrypottermom, the Queen of Halloween.

She owns the group The Halloween Tree (must be a member), which has successfully aided in me procrastinating at work. Ssshh, don't tell CafeMom! :-)


The group members who want to participate in the various games, riddles, and picture hunts are divided into three teams that compete against each other for points: The House of Frankenstein, Witches Coven, and Monster Squad.

Along with tons of games led by Angela, group members post their favorite Halloween decorating ideas, recipes, and party tips.

I chatted to Angela about her group, Halloween, and her costume plans:

What's your favorite game from The Halloween Tree?                                            Oooh, that's a hard one! I think I enjoy the Trick or Treat game and then probably the A Tale of Terror game.

How do you come up with the games?                                                                                    Let's see, I play a lot of Harry Potter games and I used some of those games, but made them for Halloween instead!  

What's your favorite part about Halloween?
I have to say the dressing up! Being able to be a new pereson for one night and being goofy with my kids. 

Are you dressing up this year? If so, what are you going as? What are your kids dressing up as?                                                                                                                             Well, I'm going to try and be the Bride of Frankenstein Monster and my DH will be Frankenstein's Monster, of course. My oldest son is going to be Super Mario (again, LOL), my DD is going to be a ladybug, and my baby boy will be a pumpkin!  

Thanks Angela for spreading the Halloween spirit!

Have you done anything on CafeMom in anticipation of Halloween? Changed your profile background? Joined any Halloween groups? Do tell!

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