Best Phones for Text Messaging

baby with phone

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My SO always gets onto me about text messaging. I hear, "Why don't you just pick up the phone and call them?" at least once a day.


To me, texting is easier because when I talk on the phone and continue doing things like housework, I have a hard time focusing on the conversation. By texting, I can continue with chores, stopping for a few seconds only when I get the chance to respond.

If you're a texter like me, here is a list from PC Magazine of the best phones for text messaging for each carrier:

  • Alltel: LG Scoop AX260
  • AT&T: Pantech Slate C530
  • Cricket & MetroPCS: Samsung Messager SCH-R450
  • Sprint: Samsung Rant
  • T-Mobile: RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8100
  • Verizon: LG enV2 VX9100
  • Multiple Carriers: Palm Centro

Are you a big texter? Do you have one of these phones?

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