TLC Sues Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Surprise, surprise, TLC has sued Jon Gosselin.

Last Friday, TLC filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Jon accusing him of violating his contract by making paid and unpaid TV appearances without the cable network's permission.


Jon's lawyer released a statement saying, "Jon will vigorously defend against this baseless action, assuming Discovery and TLC choose to go forward with their claim by legally serving him with notice, and we are confident that through the course of litigation it will clearly be evident that Discovery and TLC exploited, manipulated and abused the Gosselins' vulnerability and financial hardship," Heller's statement read.

I hope they sue the heck out of him. Maybe it'll shrink his ego a little bit. The moms of the public group True Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans are discussing it as well, all pretty much in agreeance that Jon's a dirtbag. LoL!

Are you glad TLC filed a lawsuit against him? Do you think it will make him change his ways? Do you think Jon will be able to get out of it?

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