George Looking a Little Too Gorgeous Lately?

George Clooney

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty

It's common accepted sentiment that age and wrinkles look way better on a man than they do on a woman. No fair, but true.

Just think of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, both in their 40s. They look better now than they did in their younger less seasoned youths, IMO.

Or, at least, one of them did.


E! Online says George Clooney seems transformed lately. Up until recently he embraced the grey hair and eye wrinkles and showed no sign of botox or other tinkering as far as I could tell. And all that self-acceptance and down-to-earthiness looked positively hot on him.

But lately, now that Georgie is with his latest young IT girl of the moment, a Cindy Crawford lookalike, he's taken to spray tans and hair spray and an um, much more flawless looking face. (Look closely at his forehead in the pic above and you can see the tan line.)

I'd love to think the golden look is from whipping around the Italian countryside on his Vespa or fishing, but something about this picture tells me otherwise ... What do you think of this picture, taken just a few days ago? Is George transformed?



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