Where the Wild Things Are: Will You See It?

Gosh I loved the book Where the Wild Things Are when I was a kid, and am definitely planning on seeing the movie either tonight or tomorrow.


But I am really curious how they turned such a short book (wasn't it only like ten sentences?) into a full-length feature film. Guess Max has a few more adventures in the film than he did in the book.

Oh, fun tidbit: did you know that, originally, the book featured horses instead of monsters? When the publisher discovered author Maurice Sendak couldn't draw horses, she suggested the switch. So the author drew these "things" that were caricatures of his aunts and uncles.

For more insight, check out Cafe Sheri's post on the interview with author Maurice Sendak and director Spike Jonze in Toddler Buzz today. As to the parents who claim the movie is too scary for their children, Sendak says "go to hell."

Are you going to take the kids to watch Where the Wild Things Are?

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