Which Point of View Do You Prefer to Read?

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The moms in The Book Club group (must be a member) are discussing which they prefer in books: first person, third person, or multiple, points of view?


For me personally, I have no preference, and honestly have never even thought about it until I came across this post but some moms like reading certain styles:

ILoveMCL: I am currently in love with the multiple points of view writing style. I love how everything plays out and comes together at the end of the books. It also give a different perpective on how humans are different and re-act to different situations differently. I find it refreshing.

bocamom62: I prefer either first or third person POV. I do read books written from multiple POVs (this is the way Jodi Picoult usually writes) and enjoy them, but it can get too confusing, especially if there are more than three characters telling the story.

ninipanini: I like the first person best, but I love it when the narrator is omniscient (not a character but still knows all POV).

Which do you prefer? First person, third person, or multiple points of views?

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