Paranormal Activity: Scariest Movie Ever!

I don't scream in movies. The scariest movie I had ever seen only made me jump a little in my seat. Then I watched Paranormal Activity.

I was screaming bloody murder in the theater.

It was hands-down the scariest, creepiest, freakiest movie I have ever seen.


The story is about a young couple, Micah and Katie. They live a happy life until bizarre things begin happening. They decide to place a video camera in their room to capture what happens at night while they're sleeping. The events get more and more chilling with each night. Seriously, I about peed my pants.

It's done in a "mockumentary" format, kind of like The Blair Witch Project, so it "feels" more real than a regular horror movie. At least it did for me (or maybe that's just me making excuses on why I got so scared).

It only took $15,000 to make and they filmed it in a week, and though it's not a true story, the director came up with the idea from weird happenings that were mysteriously going on in his home.

Right now, it's still in select theaters, but since it's had such high demand, it's being released nationwide on October 16th!

Do you like scary movies? Will you watch this movie? (Don't say I didn't warn you!! LOL!)

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