Who Said That This Week? Celebrity Quote Game

quoteHope you ladies have read up on all your juicy celebrity gossip this week!

I thought it'd be fun to play a little game and see how well we know our stuff (and if you guys like it, I'll make this weekly post!).

Below are quotes from hot Hollywood news stories from this past week. Leave a comment telling me who said what.

I'll post the answers in a comment on this post next Friday.


Here are the quotes for this week:

  1. "We were really looking forward to spending time with our closest fans and friends in NYC and take part of PINKTOBER, an unbelievable and important program,"
  2. "I was single for a minute, there, and then we've kind of patched things up."
  3. "I need to be a father. I need to take my kids off the show."
  4. "The prosecution's case …in so many ways, makes no sense."

Hint: All stories can be found in Entertainment Buzz!

Good luck!

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